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Saturday, January 21, 2006

NO BUSH NUKES!.............Part 3

The nuclear policy changes advocated by the Bush Administration in the DoD's draft document "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" are as insane as they are dangerous! It is important that the intention of the Bush Administration to use preemptive nuclear strikes against non-nuclear countries be exposed.

If you have not yet read "NO BUSH NUKES" parts 1 and 2...please do so. AND PLEASE, PLEASE, if you love life, and wish the world's children to have a future EDUCATE YOURSELF about nuclear weapons, preemptive strikes, perpetual war, and the irresponsible, disasterous proposals being advanced by the aggressive, neoconservative government of George W. Bush.

The following are links to the articles I referenced to write "NO BUSH NUKES" parts 1 and 2 including a link to the Petition by Physicists:

"Banning Nuclear Tests: Ike (Yes), JFK (Yes), Bush II (No)"
12/16/01- by William Lambers, author of "Nuclear Weapons" (2001)
  • Click Here

  • "More Than 470 Physicists Sign Petition To Oppose U.S. Policy On Nuclear Attack" - October 25, 2005 - by Kim McDonald
  • Click Here

  • "Petition by Physicists on nuclear weapons policy" - September 2005
    by Kim Griest and Jorge Hirsch
  • Click Here

  • *Note - a link to the draft document "Doctrine for Joint Operations" is available on the Petition page.

    "MIT Profs Protest DoD Nuke Proposal" - November 4, 2005
    by Brian Keegan
  • Click Here

  • "America's Nuclear Ticking Bomb" - January 3, 2006
    by Jorge Hirsch
  • Click Here

  • Stop the Madness! Impeach Bush and Cheney!
    .............Kitchen Window Woman..................


    Blogger Janice said...

    No one ever said that Bush isn't scary, but most of us tend to hope that he isn't as scary as the rest know he is.

    It seems strange to me that you have five voting adults in your household. Weren't they just little kids? Didn't our two sons sit in a fort one day? When did they all get to be voting adults? :-)

    Here's hoping that they have the chance to have voting adult children of their own in a world that is free of bad politicians and bad weapons.

    11:29 AM  
    Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

    Bush is scary but the cabal that controls him is crimminally insane and very powerful.

    Yep, there are five of us. My eldest, is a veteran of Gulf War I and Kosovo. He is 37 and getting treatment at the VA. Our youngest son is also the tallest (over 6ft). He is 22 and an extremely talented guitarist when he is not at work. And, of course, you know our sweet daughter.

    I don't remember when they all outgrew the fort, but the youngest one can still, on occasion, be found sitting in a tree.

    I also hope that our kids and grandchildren have a chance to live in a world that is not destroyed by "bad politicians and their bad weapons". Maybe if we make politics and weaponry unprofitable there will be peace.

    11:11 AM  

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