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Monday, November 06, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein


Each one power hungry. Each one greedy. Each one ambitious. Each one convinced of his own genius. Each one dreamed of presiding over an obedient, adoring multitude. Each one dangerously disturbed.

Their converging paths would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranians, Kurds, Iraqis, and Americans.

How ironic that both of these men should meet again, 23 years later, in the news!

Saddam Hussein, the deposed dictator of Iraq, was sentenced by an American-appointed kangaroo court in Baghdad, to death by hanging. Although, not many object to Hussein's death sentence, the trial in Iraq, by a fledgling court, was at best a fiasco. Justice was not done because "whole truth" was not told.

A trial in the International Court before judges trained in international law and crimes against humanity, and argued by lawyers with the same expertise, would have detailed before the world the circumstances that afforded Hussein's rise from obscurity to the Presidency of Iraq. Details that the Bush Administration and American Conservatives would rather not come to light. Details that would have exposed Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi leader who presided over the torture and deaths of thousands of Iranians, Kurds, and Iraqis, as the product of years of American foreign policy failure. Yes, Saddam Hussein, psychopath and convicted murderer, was "made in America".

So was NeoCon Donald Rumsfeld, the current Secretary of Defense, whose ouster is being called for by the "Army Times". Today, the Army Times, along with the Air Force Times, Navy Times and the Marine Corps Times are running a joint editorial calling for the inept, fussy, delusional, secretary "to go"! The micro-managing Rumsfeld thinks so highly of his skills(?) that he has forced out or dismissed numerous experts on Iraq, the Middle East, and Islam as well as officers and agents with long years of experience in the region. Rummy does not get along well with others, is a very poor listener, and wanted to do it HIS WAY! He didn't need no stinkin' generals and the continuing chaos in Iraq proves it!

When Saddam Hussein was recruited by the American CIA way back in 1958, he was nothing more than a two-bit Baathist thug sipping tea in Tikrit. Choosen for his killer instinct he was "our boy" until he made the mistake of betraying President George Bush Sr. in 1990. Despite the fact that Hussein was known to be using chemical warfare on Iranian troops and Iraqi civilians, American taxpayers during the presidencies of both Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, funded Saddam's regime to the tune of 5 billion dollars in government-guaranteed loans. Additional billions in military equiptment and training, computers with military programs, grain from the Midwest, dual use chemicals, medical supplies, and more were given to Saddam's Baathist regime.

When Rumsfeld met with Hussein in 1983, he was acting as a Special Envoy for Republican President Reagan. His instructions were to "initiate a dialogue and establish personal rapport" and to "emphasize his close relationship with the president" while delivering a letter from Reagan. They also discussed America's desire for Iraq to increase it's oil exports and a possible pipeline through Jordan. Rummy made a second visit to Iraq on March 29, 1984, the day the U.N. published a report about the use of mustard gas and Tabun Nerve gas by Iraq against Iranian soldiers.

Fast forward to Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. It was his betrayal of American conservatives and the first Bush president that ended the cozy, financially rewarding relationship between Saddam's Iraq and the USA - not the genocide against hundreds of thousands of Kurds and 4,049 of their villages - not the genocide against the Iraqi Shiites.

Fast forward to 2001. Perhaps a few of you recall that within hours of the 9/11 attacks by a gang of rogue Saudi Arabian terrorists, Donald Rumsfeld was running around like a chickenhawk with his head cut off demanding his aids gather the "best info fast - judge whether good enough to hit S.H. at same time - Go massive- sweep it all up - things related and not." NeoCon wingnut Rumsfeld saw the attack on 9/11 as the perfect excuse for the invasion of Iraq which he, along with long-time political colleague Dick Cheney, and the NeoConservatives of PNAC, had been planning for years. Bushes and NeoConservatives are noted not only their love of power and money but for their love of vengeance.

Today, November 6, 2006 Saddam Hussein is facing the death penality and is being used by the Bush regime to inspire those who still believe that Saddam Hussein attacked New York on 9/11 - to vote for more of the same.

Today, the men and women who serve in America's military have let the Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld know that they have ZERO confidence in his dirty, mismanaged, deadly leadership. Donald Rumsfeld, you've killed too many! The American people and the Army Times want you to go!

Fast forward to election day tomorrow and VOTE!
Vote the greedy, dirty trick playing GOP OUT !
A Vote AGAINST the GOP is a Vote for America

PEACE.........Kitchen Window Woman..................


Anonymous JoeC said...

Pardon me, but here's photographic proof...Rummy doesn't know his behind from a hole in the ground:


6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KWW - it is so good to see you're blogging again. Both your posts were awesome. I have missed your fierce turn of phrase, your well crafted pieces and your great way with words.
Dare we hope for good news for the Dems/America? Let's hope that all of our edgy progressive blogs send good energy into the potential voter universe. Our nation need to be put back to upright position.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

A real man puts his own dog down when necessary. That is what Bush and his staff did... they put down the rabid dog they inherited from previous administrations.

Would you have had them ignore the problem?

Instead of polling the public and making the "popular" decisions, Bush has made the right decisions.

Oh, and by the way... you should look up the word "Editorial" in the dictionary. When a single writer expresses a personal opinion (ie, that Rumsfeld should leave office) that is NOT the same as saying the ArmyTimes is calling for his resignation.

Did you purposely mislead us, your blog-readers, WindowWoman? Or was this an honest mistake??

5:23 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Far too many people have forgotten that it was REPUBLICANS who made Saddam Hussein what it was.

Analyze your word, paladin. "Editorial." What are those first six letters? That's right, "editor." The editor of the paper or magazine decides the paper or magazine's position. Hence, an editorial is a relfection of the position of the institution. Why are you trying to mislead us?

8:47 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Or rather, "what he was."

8:47 AM  
Blogger darterp said...

kww - very good too see the truth of americans politics around the world, they don ´t need too kill they allaways pay for anothers to do their dirty job like iraq - iran war or bin laden against ussr in afeganistan.
And the problem is not republican or democrat their the same shitt.
The problem is america is a cowerdness
mass murder around the world.

2:54 PM  
Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

I am very glad Rumsfeld was canned. Too little, too late, however. Bush sets the policy. The blame - all of it - truly rests on his shoulders. Having said that - I still hope that Rummy's dismissal saves some lives. Iraq really is like Vietnam. Johnson ran that war from the oval office. Bush is doing the same now.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Coyote said...

Congrats on getting the result you wanted from the elections. Hopefully someone can start turning things around now, gradually, back towards some semblance of sanity.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

BRAD... Not trying to mislead, just showing some of the "spin" around here.

First off, saying all these military magazines (ArmyTime, NavyTimes, AirForceTimes, and MarinesTimes) are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation is seriously misleading on KWW's part... it was the same editorial article run in all the magazines! (Which are all owned by MilitaryCity.)

Secondly, the editorial in question was writen and published anonymously. MilitaryCity has the usual boiler-plate disavowing their involvement and stating it is not necessarily the opinion of its owners, editors or staff.

Go back and read KWW's post... you'll see those little tidbits of knowledge were left out.

THAT is misleading.

12:38 PM  

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