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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Busy Time Blues and Tiny Bubbles .......

It's a busy time of year for me as I'm sure it is for many other American women. The race begans in October and is run non-stop until the finish line is reached on New Year's Day. During the winter quarter of the year, I feel very much like a hampster running on a wheel. It is the holiday season and I've got the "Busy Time Blues".....Tee Hee

Today's post will be a "Tiny Bubbles" of odds and ends. Tiny Bubbles consists of Dishpan thought blips, notes, and observations named so with as a gesture toward my ukulele playing husband, who runs a ukulele rescue operation from our small, humble home.


Yesterday, October 26th marked the second anniversary of the Cedar Fire that burned our rural neighborhood to the ground. Our house survived the inferno but the homes of our friends and neighbors did not. Many familes have not been able to rebuild and it has been two years since the disaster. Sadly, some have ended up loosing their land, too.


When the trailers finally arrived between six to eight weeks after the fire, homeless victims were told that they would be able to live in them for eighteen months. Six months later FEMA took some of the trailers away claiming that people were not clearing their properties and rebuilding fast enough!

Hmmmmm.........FEMA took the trailers away when.......

1. All the debris (under California law) had to be separated into different piles for recycling. There were waitng lists for backhoes, dump trucks, and hazardous waste disposal.

2. The county, overwhelmed by the massive destruction, was backed up for months and of little help to the victims and their families.

3. Rebuilding requires county approval of building plans (blueprints). The architects and draftsmen licensed to draw plans had enough work to last for many months, there were waiting lists for contractors, and it takes six weeks (at least) to get county approval on plans prior to beginning a rebuild.

4. Local building supply companies were out of materials. The back orders extended well into the following year.

5. In our rural area 590 homes burned. Only 224 have been rebuilt. What will happen to all of the hurricane victims? It will take years and years of struggle to rebuild.


Some of the insurance companies involved in Cedar Fire claims have done everything they could to screw people out of just compensation for their structural and personal property losses. They spend their funds to employ armies of lawyers whose job is to protect their corporate interests against claimants. Legal threats and harassment are commonly used to intimidate policy holders who dare to challenge the insurers faulty findings. Many lawsuits against the insurance companies have yet to be settled.


FEMA FAILS AGAIN....October 23, 2005....

Victims of Hurricane Wilma in Florida are finding out how unimportant they are in a country with a government that panders to warmongers and the wealthy. Supplies are not getting through to the people in Florida who need help. Could it be because FEMA is housed within The Department of Homeland Security which is headed by yet another Bush crony?

Michael Chertoff is not qualified to run the DHS or any government agency for that matter. The former Whitewater prosecutor and ex-judge has no background in security or disaster preparedness, no education in social work, urban planning or medical services and systems. He was appointed to the DHS to make sure that it would be staffed by loyal neoconservatives and to serve as a mouthpiece for the Bush War adgenda.

The nervous, paranoid man whose eyes darted all over the place whenever he appeared on the news after Hurricane Katrina, fully supports securing the homefront by fighting "over there". Here in Chertoff's own words......"Obviously, a critical part of homeland security starts overseas because we take the fight to the enemy as opposed to waiting for the enemy to take the fight to us."

He plugged preemptive war three times in an interview with "The American Legion Magazine" just before Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast. What about here, Mike, what about California, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, what about here?

Hey, Michael, the American people, here at home, need food and water and housing! "We The People" need protection from neoconservatives like you who have helped to "secure" international hatred toward Americans. Your war is not working. You have effectively castrated both FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY and the money necessary to care for recent disaster victims has gone to rebuild the Middle East as an American colony. "Yer doin' a heck of a job, Mikey!"


The above is the title of a book that I received from Amazon two weeks ago. I am halfway through it and am amazed at Dick Cheney's life-long pursuit of power. It is far worse than I thought. Power is his drug of choice and boy, is he addicted! Dick Cheney is a very sick man who is responsible for spreading misery and causing the deaths of many innocent people. He is not a "heart patient", Dick has NO heart!

Author John Nichols has exposed the extemist Vice President and right in time for the fallout from "Plamegate." Every statement about Mr. Cheney's past and present behavior has been researched and fully documented in this book. It is a good read. File it under "Know Your Enemy" and put it to use!

***NOTE: Let's do away with "racial profiling" and profile instead, malevolent psychopaths like Cheney, who are a direct danger to all of us. DicK Cheney IS a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

That's all for now. I must attend to birthdays, Halloween, and Thanksgiving and Christmas loom ahead. I also have several projects to attend to for the kids at the elementary school where I volunteer as both an Art Docent and a Literacy Tutor.

I've got get back to running on my wheel.
..........Kitchen Window Woman..............


Anonymous auntie said...

First of all, FEMA needs some maps. Hurricane Wilma who struck Florida last week really hit the area of south Collier county hard. The FEMA folks arrived in Everglades City, a small fishing/eco tour village about 35 miles south of the upscale city of Naples, on Wednesday, just two days after the hurricane hit.(!) But only four miles down a causeway from Everglades City is the community of Chokoloskee, another fishing villlage. Wilma hit this community hardest of all. The FEMA workers were not even aware that four miles away another community existed that needed help desperately. Finally some Chokoloskee folks were able to get word to the FEMA folks that they too needed water, ice, food, tarps, etc. Geez....wouldn't you think that one among them would have looked at a f---ing map????!!!!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Crooked Lip is, and has been, the scum of the Earth, and that was apparentl clear back when he was Bush I,s Sec. of Defense.

Nixon's Administration is where Crooked Lip learned the rules of the game-and boy, does it show. He makes his old boss look like a choirboy in comparison.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Even if FEMA were handed some maps it is unlikely that any of its directors and staff "know how to read a map."

Crony training for FEMA focuses on perfecting the lip pucker and the methods involved in the application of puckered lips to the "Right" behinds. In addition, the crony wanna-be must master the art of parrot propaganda which requires answering all questions and starting any statement by endlessly repeating political "talking points".

I suggest that the people of Chokoloskee pass the hat to collect some funds. The money could be put up to reward the hunter, fisherman, military scout, or detective who finds FEMA. *Note...they have frequently been spotted dining in expensive restaurants far from known disaster areas.

Or, since the storm is over and the debris has dried out...use it to build a bonfire and send a smoke signal SOS. As far as the ice - try Montana or the Hawaiian Islands...FEMA uses FEMA logic so..ooo those are the "FEMA logical" locations for the ice needed in Chololoskee, Florida. The water, tarps, and food could be anywhere in the non-disaster area world.

My heart goes out to the folks in Chokoloskee...none of this is going to be easy especially with FEMA in the picture. Once again, the American people have been ignored by their own government!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Crooked Lip's main man was indicted today! YIPPEEEEEE!

Cheney is a piece of work. He has consistantly throughout his life done whatever he could to get close to power and then looked for a way insert himself into the targeted postition of power. He is good at it....He suggested himself for the office of Vice President.George W. Bush is just a hood ornament...Cheney runs the country and boy is he DIRTY!!!!

Let's hope Scooter's impending trial shines an exposing bright light onto Cheneys evil shadowy form.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Great post. I'm sure the insurance companies were very supportive after the Cedar Fire. I remember the Northridge earthquake of '94, when the insurance companies totally screwed everything up. Finally the state insurance commissioner resigned and ran to Hawaii with his tail between his legs to avoid prosecution.

And FEMA makes the insurance companies look like the good guys.

Great news on Libby's indictment. Hope they make him squeal like a pig.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

The actions of the insurance companies around here were shameful and enlightening. Boy were our eyes opened! It is going to be hard on all of the hurricane victims for years to come.

They need to apply the sam methods of torture to I. Scooter Libby as he and his neocon brethern have unleashed at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and in Afghanistan. That would make him oink! He'd probably wish that he had never supported the suspension of the Geneva Conventions.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Liquidplastic said...

Wow! KWW you covered a lot in this post .. and explained it better then the Media.

Yes, this is a busy time of year for us women, because holidays are back to back --- with birthdays squeezed in-between.

I will be so glad when they get rid of the Bush Mafia .. if these were democrats they would have been impeached by now.

Oh well, will this too pass? Doesn't seem like it.

7:54 PM  

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