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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tiny Bubbles........

Tiny Bubbles are thought blips on my kitchen window radar screen - a sort of "what I think when I'm at the sink" collection of Dishpan shorts, with a strum and a hum to my ukulele playing honey.

- CATFISH COMMENTS......Several days ago, during a conversation about the difference between the responses to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, the above mentioned man commented, "You shouldn't have to SHAME your government into action!" ......Hear! Hear!

- BUSH DOES DISNEY BLEU......I'm a little late writing about it but I am not the only one who found Bush's "We will do what it takes" speech on September 15th a little "Disneyesque."

He stood in the French Quarter's Jackson Square with huge rock concert-styled blue lights focused on his rolled blue shirt sleeves and open collar. Rovian fantasies spun from his mouth and sought the camera. Blinded by the blue, I watched as the St. Louis Cathedral behind Bush slowly morphed into Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Was Tinker Bell going to fairy down the wire? Would a fireworks spectacular fill the sky?

Generators ran the giant lights for the duration of Bush's true blue photo op. Hurricane ravaged New Orleans was bathed in blue brightness for a full thirty minutes before it was plunged, once again, into darkness.

Wouldn't it have been more PRUDENT to give the speech while sitting at the desk in the Oval Office? and CHEAPER? It COSTS the TAXPAYERS $56,800 per hour to fly AIR FORCE ONE. Bush flew to New Orleans and then had the giant lights and a crew flown in to run them. How much did the lights and generators cost us? And why did he have another crew hang camouflage netting all around Jackson Square? What was there to hide?

- BLUEMAN BUSHES......New Orleans is known for "The Blues". The Bushes are not but they sure are trying. When both elderly Bushes (Poppy and the nasty old broad he married) made a public appearance
(damage control) at the Houston Astrodome to comfort (insult) the evacuees, the Kennebunkport boaters were both wearing light blue (chambray, perhaps?) work shirts. How "regular folks" and not a bit yachty of them!

Then of course, there was George W's above mentioned "blue light special". Gee, if your shirt is blue, you are sans a tie, and roll your sleeves just a trifle does that make you a "blue collar worker"? Or do you just SEEM like one? This after he trashed the prevailing wage for the workers who will rebuild the Gulf Coast.

- NOT TO BE OUT-BLUED, Dick Cheney showed up in Gulfport to check on Halliburton's contract to rebuild the naval installation there......wearing.......A BLUE SHIRT with the collar unbuttoned, no tie, and sleeves ever so slightly rolled! Cheney was in his working class blue shirt when Dr. Ben Marble, an emergency room physician, said to the Vice Man, "Mr. Cheney, Go f**k yourself"....hhmmmmmm........maybe if you are a cold-hearted corporate criminal you shouldn't try to pass yourself off someone who gives a damn. Somebody give that young man a medal!


1. CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET! The Pentagon war machine eats up $405 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars a year. It's budget equals more than all of the other countries in the world combined spend on weapons and warriors. It is time to stop the MADNESS and put PEOPLE first.

2. Fire Halliburton, Kellog, Root and Brown and Bechtel.

3. Demand strict ACCOUNTABILITY for the taxpayer money missing in Iraq and strict ACCOUNTABILITY by the companies that are hired to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

4. Roll Back BUSH'S Tax Cuts. America can't afford them.

5. Focus on keeping jobs in America so that working people can work and get a paycheck to support themselves and help others.

6. Impose stiff tarriffs on the products of American companies who move American jobs out of the country. It is a form of economic TREASON.

7. Pay the workers who work on the rebuild the prevailing wage to enable them to rebuild their lives and to ward off poverty.

8. Close corporate tax loopholes and stop off-shore banking. Investigate funds hidden in the Cayman Islands and recover the money that belongs to the taxpayers. Prosecute those responsible for not paying "their fair share".

9. Cap medical costs and socialize medical care for all Americans. It is shameful that working Americans cannot afford medical care and face loosing their homes.

10. IMPEACH BUSH and throw his CRONIES out of CONGRESS!

That's all of my Tiny Bubbles for now.

........Let's Make WAR Unprofitable and Obsolete..........
....................Kitchen Window Woman...........


Anonymous JollyRoger said...

I would favor imposing a 40% surcharge on the income taxes of CEOs and board members of corps who outsource jobs. This would get some attention in a hurry. They'd be looking for all kinds of ways to keep jobs here in the US.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Liquidplastic said...

Hot diggty dog ... you have made my week .. KWW you are on target, there is nothing, I mean nothing I can add. I daresay my dear friend you have uncovered the rats, and found a way to bring in the cat to clean up the mess at hand. I am with you, Impeach the bastards!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

I think the guy who told Cheney to go F himself was arrested, or at least detained for awhile.

Cheney in a work shirt with the sleeves rolled up, LOL. That's too hard to picture. I don't think he's done any physical exertion since playing football in high school.

What a bunch of phonies that whole administration is. Impeach and fire the whole lot of them.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

4. Roll Back BUSH'S Tax Cuts. America can't afford them.

Why? Can't we just take out more foreign loans? (At this rate, China is going to own all our asses in a few years.) Expand the deficit further? Isn't this how most of American households function nowadays? Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul--payday loans and credit card dept up the ying-yang?

The funniest thing is that most middle class folks seem to think they are going actually see a significant impact on their paychecks as a result of Bush's taxcuts. Even though even a smidgen of research will show that the cuts are going to only the wealthy and corporations.

"But," argue the Bush Fan-wanks, "those cuts will trickle down to us." Right. Look up the definition of the word "trickle," why don't ya?

Good rant, KWW.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

"debt," not "dept" Argh

9:41 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

TO EVERYONE...We are gaining on them. Tom DeLay was indicted today and Bush still looks bad. We are all writing and doing what we can and maybe, just maybe, we can turn some of this around. It's our money and We are "the people"!

PAT...I am worried about China, too. We are just digging ourselves deeper and deeper into debt with China holding the paper on us. No wonder Bush and company won't even whisper a critcism in China's direction

12:26 PM  
Blogger BeatleChick81 said...

GREAT post, "dear old quaint old luvly mother"! You really nailed it with this one! Way to go!

7:56 PM  

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