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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A MoveOn, Hell No Hillary, and Jena "Tiny Bubbles"

I haven't written for a while. We've been preoccupied and are also packing for a much needed three day getaway so I decided to float by a "Tiny Bubbles" smattering of of thought blips. My Dishpan 'Tiny Bubbles' title is used with an affectionate nod to my ukulele playing husband and partner in political activism, Catfish.

- MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action

We signed on with MoveOn several years back because we were fed up with the Democrats, the Republicans, The House, The Senate, The Court, and the President. We were tired of not being heard and of our money being wasted while Americans went without medical care and housing. Since then we have contributed money for MoveOn ads, taken part in determining which issues deserved focus and in prioritizing those issues, held candles during vigils, attended protests, taken part in political actions such as visitations to our congressman's office, signed many petitions, and written letters.

We all know that respect is never given on demand - that it must be earned. The Petraeus ad was earned by General Petraeus and well deserved given his willingness to serve as a mouth for the failed Commander-in-Chief instead of honoring his oath to "Support and Defend the Constitution." The general is known for his ambition and designs on the White house. The 'People' and many who serve under him in the military, do not trust or respect him. He has made a career by "getting over on" anyone who could be used to advance his upward climb.

Petraeus is constantly propagandized in the news as "the top general in Iraq". The real top generals were those before him who courageously spoke truth to power to the Commander-in -Chief. Unfortunately, they were replaced one after another, by a president who didn't want to listen to their expertise. Petraeus became "the top general in Iraq" by default and because he "speaks fantasy to power".

The uproar in the House and the Senate over the Betrayus ad was a ridiculous waste of time. Perhaps they at least got the message that most Americans can't stand Congress, the President, and the fair-weather General.

Then came the silly Giuliani ad calling on Hillary Clinton to apologize for MoveOn's actions. Mike Duncan, Chairman of the RNC, has it all wrong. Hillary has nothing to do with MoveOn but strangely, it was Hillary's historic pro war vote for preemptive military action against Iraq that drove my husband and I to sign on with MoveOn.org. Hillary Clinton betrayed the American people every bit as much then as General Petraeus has recently.

NOTE: MoveOn is supported by millions of regular Americans who donate what they can spare dollar by dollar. We are TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!
- More About Hillary Clinton

Hillary will not get my vote. If she becomes the Democratic candidate I will write in my choice or re-register as an independent. She is ambitious, calculating, and recently has come to be known 'Republican Lite' - an apt description.

She voted to give George W. Bush the authority to launch a war against Iran knowing full well that he and his hawkish administration were up to no good. Hillary voted to protect and advance her own career - she didn't want to risk the scorn she would have been met with had she voted to save lives. Hillary Clinton is also on the take as she has been purchased by Israel's Likkud Party in the form of extensive donations from JINSA and AIPAC Israeli/American lobby groups. Hillary the hawk, will bomb Iran if Israel demands it with little regard for the human tragedy that will result.

She argues that "she didn't know then what she knows now" and would have voted against authorizing Bush to go to war given that knowledge. That is a lie. She knew, but let's stretch it a bit and say that she didn't have a clue that Bush would blunder and rush into this devastating war. Then, one can argue, if she was so gullible and easily misled, why would we want her in the White House? Also, one can argue that she must not be very bright not to have noticed all of the propaganda, political spin, and fear mongering that defined the Bush administration's framing of the preemptive strike against Iraq.

Now, Hillary claims to want to end the war. Another lie and a lie that comes too late!

No more Bush Dynasty..........No Clinton Dynasty.........HELL NO HILLARY!
- Jena - A Community that Murders Innocent Trees

I saw all of those distressed white people on the television news. Upset because they felt that Jena was being viewed in a bad light, they defended their nice little town on camera. Perhaps they are too inside the racism to notice it. Maybe racism is the norm in Jena just like it was in all of those southern towns 40 years ago when the Civil Rights movement began.

One telling incident stands out about in the unfortunate history of the events in Jena. After the nooses were hung from the tree on campus (a despicable act of racial terrorism) the three white offenders were suspended from school for a short few days. And that was that.

The school principal viewed the noose incident as a childish prank and did nothing to follow up with the student body of Jena High. What kind of educator is so blind to have not seen the necessity of a school wide assembly to address the racially offensive actions of those boys? The occasion called for open discussions about racism, misconception, terror, suspicion, hatred, and pain as well as the promotion of understanding. The school staff should have led the students on a journey through dialog to arrive at solutions.

Instead, they chopped down the tree.

A student was attacked and beaten. Other students ended up in jail. There was a huge march on Jena. Having learned nothing because they were taught nothing, several teenagers were inspired to tie nooses on a truck and drive around town. But the tree that lived in the schoolyard and offered shade to the students is dead.

Ahmadinejad claims there are no homosexuals in Iran. The white people in Jena claim there is no racism in their town and they can prove it. They killed the tree that caused the whole damn thing, didn't they?

Jena is so misunderstood. It's such a nice little town.
That's all for now. I'll try to post again before we leave.

What if they gave a war and nobody came?
.............Kitchen Window Woman....................

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:27 PM  
Blogger PoliShifter said...

It made me sick to my stomach to hear Hillary, Obama, and Edwards say they'll keep our troops in Iraq until 2013.

Looks like Bush's goal of playing for November and convincing the next President to accept a permanent presence in Iraq has worked.

It's sad. We're back to a war time economy. There is no incentive to stabilize Iraq and bring peace and security to that nation which we destroyed.

Peace and security would mean no need for the U.S. military and U.S. contractors to stay in Iraq. That would mean no more hundreds of billions in tax payer dollars to dump into cost plus no bid contracts that have no accountability, no competition, no oversight, and no quality control.

As it works right now it's tatamount to money laundering. Hundreds of billions flow into the Pentagon and out to corps like Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater.

They inturn contribute back to the politician's relection campaigns who then make sure that the money keeps flowing into the war machine.

It seems now Democrats are resigned to just keep this thing going for as long as possible to keep bringing home the bacon to their consituents and keep their own campaign cofers growing.

4 1/2 years, $600 billion and Iraq still doesn't have reliable electricity, clean water, security, and jobs. It's not rocket science.

But when you have corps like Blackwater with no incentive to achieve a peaceful and stable Iraq it makes the goals that much more unattainable.

Blackwater sells weapons to insurgents, the insurgents kill Americans, and Blackwater kills Iraqis. Blackwater is above the law.

The result is controlled chaos which ultimately means, we can't leave Iraq.

We put a fucking man on the moon, built an atomic bomb in 2 years, and beat Germany and Japan in WW2. Yet we STILL can't provide peace, stability, electricity, and jobs to Iraqis?

It's bullcrap.

These contractors have basically robbed us blind and Congress has allowed it to go on with no oversight and continues to fund this failed occupation.

If we're going to keep pumping hundreds of billions into Iraq can we at least demand some accountability, competition, and oversight?

It's getting ridiculous.

6:55 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

Wow! When you make up for lost time, you don't mess around.:) Lots 'n lots of good thoughts.

General Betrayus: The GOP desperately needed a diversion from their woes, they seized this, and of course, the MSM smelling hate and anger, played it for all it's worth. Would the lies he told been any less worse, had that ad never been made? No. But yet the GOP, as well as the MSM, can't seem to remember a character assassination called "Swift Boating." Strange, no?

Hillary: Scares the Bejesus out of me! This is NOT the woman who stood by Bill. This thing is a monster.

"One telling incident stands out about in the unfortunate history of the events in Jena. After the nooses were hung from the tree on campus (a despicable act of racial terrorism) the three white offenders were suspended from school for a short few days. And that was that."
I live in the deep south, and that attitude is too common.

*Racism" has became so political, it's almost knee jerk anymore. If you say the least thing negative about a black, true or not, you're immediately labeled a racist. If you say the least thing negative about the whites, you're accused of fostering racism. It's hard to be without blame.:)

I watch the many rap video's on the web spew hatred, and call for killing the white man, and I often wonder since the Jena incident took place: Are they verbal nooses hanging for whites? Is physically hanging a noose in a tree any worse than symbolically hanging them from a CD? I say no, both are abhorable, but few agree.:) Great Post!!

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

As ridiculous as Congress' censure vote was, it proved a point: That Move.On ad must have really had an impact. Move.On managed to bring our comatose Congress out of their stupor long enough to condemn their ad. I think they pushed some buttons. It's a start.

About Jena: That incident in Little Rock (where the National Guard had to be called in to enforce school integration) was fifty years ago. Examining those 2 incidents side by side shows how much progress the South has made in 50 years.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Well put. I agree and I feel sick about all of these goings on.

Does it seem to you that it has been especially ridiculous these last few weeks? If all of this mess wasn't so deadly serious it would play like a massive comedy of some sort. The madness has spun out of control!

The Future Was Yesterday...
Guess I had a lot on my mind tee, hee.

Hillary makes me sick - she's more of the same - big time!

I lived in the South years ago. It was an awakening of sorts. I agree that racism has become knee jerk. The American war in Iraq is extremely racist and so is Israel's attitude toward the Iranians and the Palestinians. And the Blacks are racist against Koreans and on and on...

The murder of the tree in Jena really bothered me and then I saw it as a symbol for the whole ugly event.

Tom Harper...
Congress' censure seemed like a case of mass hysteria. MoveOn does have them running scared. I agree that it is a start - now we just have to fan the flames.

50 years - wow - most of my lifetime. I wish people would just realize that we are all human. Color doesn't matter but it has served as one hell of an excuse for some people to abuse others.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Anon-Paranoid said...

The Democrats can not be trusted any more as we all found out in the debate.

They have no intention of pulling our troops out of Iraq any time soon and now they gave the Decider the justification to go to war with Iran.

We better start looking for a third party to vote for in the upcoming election {that is if we have elections} in 2008.

And yes there is still racism in America and the Republican Fascist Nazi Party leads the way.

God Bless.

5:59 PM  
Blogger deuddersun said...

Hey! What ever happened to the "War Czar"?


11:31 AM  
Anonymous I.M. Small said...


So Congress will "amend", "abridge"
Free speech become a privilege,
Instead of right:
Censure of this or that: you scum,
How could our Congress be so dumb?
Goodnight. (Keep tight.)

Still, till they come me to commit
Save I my tongue desist and quit,
I´ll say my piece,
Yea, even criticize Petraeus,
For though these fools will come to flay us,
Yet sue for peace.

5:05 PM  

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