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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We'll Leave a Light On Until They Come Home

- How could it have happened?
one understood. How could those people have let it happen? Why did some choose to take part in such an inhumane scheme? It couldn't, no NEVER, it wouldn't EVER happen here! We aren't like they were, not us.

2007 - I've had a sick fe
eling in the pit of my stomach for several weeks now and my thoughts keep drifting to the death and destruction yet to come. CNN is again beating the drums of propaganda for the radical neoconservative cabal that is firmly entrenched in our nation's capitol. Once again, we are all expected to respond as true believers, and march in lockstep to war. This time, the target of American and Israeli militarists, is Iran.

2003 - It appeared that war was imminent. I lived with that sick feeling for months. I watched in horror as my fellow Americans chose to embrace the Bush/Cheney, Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz war plan to invade Iraq. Then, masked in red, white, and blue w
ar paint, the obedient followers turned on those of us who questioned the intentions of the neoconservative Republicans.

While the brainwashed majority waited impatiently for "the game" to start, my husband and I, along with two of our grown children, joined thirty others for a candlelight vigil. It rained hard that night before the "Shock and Awe" assualt on Baghdad, but as hopeless as we all felt and soaked to the bone, we stood in the rain and kept those candles burning.

1930's - Hierarchical authority and strict obedience were fundamental in the German culture, back then. Males of rank dominated the government, the church, and the family. The average German never even considered questioning authority. It simply wasn't done.

Hitler walked in the door that was left open after the Great War w
as lost. The German economy had been destroyed. Hunger and hopelessness reigned as the people turned to Hitler. Adolph Hitler rose to power and secured his position by seeding and then inundating radio broadcasts, movies, cartoons, newspapers, and books with the most sophisticated propaganda campaign that the world had ever experienced. The German public didn't question; driven by desperation, they believed, and obeyed.

2003 - March 19th - It happened here. We went to war. There it was on our television screen - terrorism, American-style, lighting up the darkness over Baghdad. We were all numb with grief for what was to come. March 19th, arrogance allied with ignorance were victorious over humanitarian values.

My heart was broken. Someone on-line somewhere (Michael Moore?) suggested placing a light in the window and leaving it lit until our illegally deployed troops returned home. We plugged in a piece of light rope and draped it across our front window. The swag of white light burned for 3 1/2 years. We then replaced it with two small electric candles.

- The lights in the window continue to burn. Our troops are trapped in a civil war fuel
ed by anarchy. America has pounded Iraq into chaos, yet daily for several weeks the Bush extremists, have been demonizing Iran and propagandizing the promise of nuclear strikes against that country. It is a nightmarish deja vu. They are even using the same propaganda playbook. Hell, it worked the last time the United States preemptively and criminally used aggression instead of diplomacy.

2006 - December - My eldest son, a disabled veteran who served as a cavalry scout in Kosovo, made us a peace sign on a large sheet of plywood with colored xmas lights. He set it on a timer to go on every night when darkeness fell. The Peace sign was bright with messa
ge throughout the holiday season.

2007 - January - It was time to take the holiday lights down. Several people told me they thought that I should leave the Peace sign lit. I did.

February - The Peace sign shines on thr
ough the dark night. It is a political statement and it symbolizes hope because it speaks of the best human kind has to offer. It is up to us, who are immune to this administration's infectious propaganda, to light the way. We cannot allow ignorance to prevail.

.....Resident Scholar, American Patriot Institute..........
.............Kitchen Window Woman.........

**Note - Sorry that this post has taken me awhile. I write slowly as I think things through, edit, and rewrite. Also, I have been busy researching a new skin for my blog template.


Blogger Fixer said...

Amazing how history repeats itself. And the idiots always claim they learned from history and can do it better. The lesson they never learn is that optional wars should never be fought at all.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Spadoman said...

You know I am a member of the American Patriot Institute. I am a combat Veteran and served in Vietnam.

When I was drafted, I went as called. I thought that America was going to Vietnam because the Communists are trying to take over free people and they didn't want to be Communists. And it was America that would save them from invaders that were trying to take their freedom. And it was our duty to defend the helpless as we were told the people of Vietnam were helpless and those, backed by Communist China, were our enemies.

I listened and never thought that MY country, MY America, would ever go to Vietnam or any place else without there being a real threat to freedom.

I learned that I was wrong to just accept what they told me. I learned that every person needs to be totally informed and that we shouldn't just jump on the bandwagon and believe that what our government is telling us is true just because they are the government.

There is a great folk singer/storyteller, his name is Utah Phillips. He served in Korea. He has a line in one of his stories that says, "After I went to Korea, I decided that I'll never let anyone tell me who my enemies are ever again."

I believe as Utah Phillips does. I will pay attention, be informed and not let anyone tell me who my enemies are.

It's time to work for peace. It's time to pay attention. It's time to be the Americans that we once were and bring dignity and peace to the world from our strength.

Do all you can do to help end the war, then do one little thing more each day.


7:27 PM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

KWW, it was worth the wait. I'll always come back and enjoy your next well-written post.
Thanks for the pic; it is almost as if I strolled by to see that well-remembered sign. It has not lost its luster.
Thanks, and "Peace" to you.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I don't see war as an option, either. It seems to me that war is an expression of a very dangerous psychological imbalance. Leaders that chose to use organized violence to dominate others need to be institutionalized to protect humanity. War is a sickness. War denotes failure.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I went in, as I wrote, to avoid an abusive family oddly, I was already against the Vietnam War but I did what I was told... for a while.

Ft. Sam Houston and Ft. Bragg were eye openers as far as how money was wasted and how the troops in country in Nam were valued. I remember a master sargent putting a list of expendable items up on the overhead projector. There on the screen for all of us to see, three or four items down, was "personnel"
- That's just plain wrong!

You and many others who are combat veterans have cast aside the brainwashing that the military uses to establish control over the individual. You are working to stop the militarization of this country. You are all heros for speaking out. That is what a real patriot does.

Those who hang on to their war experience and the accompanying BS as righteous end up like the Swift Boat Veterans because they have nothing else in their lives. All of our wars since WWII have been wars of choice. War is a hell of a money maker for the military industrial complex.

War is not inherently natural to mankind hence, PTSD as a coping mechanism.

Bush and Cheney both supported the Vietnam war but were loathe to put their behinds in harm's way. I despise chickenhawks because create war and misery then profit from it mightily. Bush and Cheney need to be reminded that their DUTY is to serve the people.

I would like to see us put buku bucks into training top notch diplomats, linguists, cultural geographers, and experts on every region of the world. Perhaps if we worked toward treating our global neighbors with respect we could begin to move toward a productive peace.

We saw Utah Philips several times (years ago) at the folk festival at SDSU. We very much enjoyed his storytelling songs.

I agree with you about paying attention. My husband, myself, and other family members pay attention but most Americans don't bother to keep themselves informed. That is something that we need to work on - we need to wake the rest of America up!

I think you feel that your govt. and country betrayed you and the others who fought in Nam. I see the whole thing as a massive betrayal. Some of these kids comming back from Iraq feel that they have been betrayed, too.

You know, I still feel bad about that war (Vietnam) and what it did to our generation. Yeah, I do something everyday to end this war and I am sure I could fit one more in.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Hi Carol...
I haven't been around as much these last months...there's been a lot going on. Good to hear from you.

I love it when the peace lights up at night. I darn near killed myself tryin to get that photo. I was standing in the ice plant on the side on our hill in the dark... but it was worth it!

3:13 PM  
Blogger Gordon said...

I like the light-up peace sign. give your son a thumbs up for me.

I am a huge fan of U. Utah Phillips, the Golden Voice of the Great Southwest. He lives in my county. Besides being a folk singer, Wobblie, and union man who voted for the first time ever in '04, he's a wonderful storyteller. If you get a chance, listen to his album "The Moscow Hold". Here's his website, and here's a post I did about him some time back, with links.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Thanks for the website. Looks like we'll going to have to order a CD and we'll be sure to get it right from Mr. Phillips himself - a guy's gotta eat.

In a previous post I mentioned there are some very prominent female vets. I am very impressed with Karen Kwiatkowski. She is a Ph.D. and a retired USAF lieutenant colonel. She writes over at LewRockwell.com, The Huffington Post, MilitaryWeek.com, and others. A very outspoken and knowledgable, Kwiatkowski also appeared at length on the DVD Hijacking Catastrophe

2:24 PM  
Blogger Gordon said...

Another one is Janet (?) Karpinski who was the CO at Abu Ghraib. She recently said they didn't court martial her over it because they didn't want her to tell the truth about it on the stand.

7:49 PM  

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