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Sunday, December 24, 2006


The holiday lights that decorate the front of our house express a value that we who dwell within hold dear.

Gather your families in your arms and love them enough to do your part to stop the American War Machine. Look into the eyes of your eight-year-olds, ten-year-olds, and fifteen-year-olds. Love your children enough to guard them against becoming killers and/or victims in the ongoing cycle of American military misadventure.

Don't sacrifice your loved ones to the captains of corpocracy, war profiteers, or those who claim to speak for some god or other. Sacrifice is an ancient practice not suited for modern living. However, if you feel that you must...sacrifice... sacrifice instead, the failed leaders, both political and religious, who have created war and imposed it's horror upon you and your family.

Think instead of LIFE. Think of the lives of your loved ones and think of the lives of familes all over the world.

WE CAN ALL LIVE TOGETHER in PEACE if WE ALL WORK TOGETHER to create, nuture, and maintain PEACE.

PEACE - It's still a good idea!
From our House to Yours,
...Kitchen Window Woman


Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

Merry Christmas, my dear! I wish you and your family health and happiness for the coming year!

9:32 PM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

I hope your Christmas was very warm and satisfying for you, KWW. I was pleased to see your post. You had some important things to say about sacrifices.
I wish you a very good 2006. It will begin with an opportunity for a fresh start by the new 101st Congress. We'll be watching and hoping, I guess.
Warm regards, fellow blogger!

5:36 PM  

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