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Monday, August 07, 2006

The New Axis of Evil

It was planned a year ago with the full knowledge of the Pentagon and various other neocon insiders in Washingtom D.C. Israel only needed to wait for some convenient provocation as an excuse to destroy Lebanon. Unfortunately, Hezbollah provided the arrogant, aggressive army next door with an incentive to unleash the fury of it's American made, American paid for arsenal.

The pogrom, against the population of Lebanon and the beleaguered Palestinains walled off in the Gaza Ghetto and the West Bank, was to last a full three weeks, twenty-one days during which Arab civilians would be murdered with impunity and the entire societal infastructure within Lebanon destroyed. Three weeks in which NO CEASE-FIRE was to be brokered by the United States, Britian, or Israel. It's a four week war now.

CEASE-FIRE was to be resisted by the American Secretary of State who complied all too willingly as hundreds continued to die. Simultaneously, Israel's pre-planned propaganda blitz pounded the American public into conspiratorial compliance. The message: some Semites are SUPERIOR to other Semites. George Orwell, in "Animal Farm" put it thus, "Four legs good. Two legs bad."

If one was to believe the very limited, very controlled, slanted news sources in the United States and Britian, one would come to the same conclusions as the fanatic regime of Likud Zionists who were elected by the Israeli People: Israel is the center of the Universe therefore; Arab lives are worth less than Jewish lives.

Lebanon's flegdling democracy was to have it's wings cut for it is easier to cage a bird that can no longer fly. So much better for the planned occupation and annexation of Lebanon by Israel. The plan, unfolding before our eyes, is being implemented with a nod and a wink from Bush's Christian-Zionist alliance and
Britian's conservative twinkie, the crusading pixie, Tony Blair.

Several days into Israel's violent three-week Prime Time Event, it was evident that Lebanon was on the receiving end of a punishing demonstration of tactical terrorism. Who blows up a milk factory and why? Perhaps, Hezbollah was not to have any milk with it's cookies! Strangely, food processing and pharmaceutical plants were destroyed as well...no milk for the children, no food for panicked families to eat, and no medicine to treat the wounded and the sick - all part of Israel's planned castigation of the Lebanese people.

No jobs to sustain a population, no homes to return to, no electricity, all types of communication facilities destroyed - telephone centers, television stations, radio broadcast towers, and even cell phone towers all demolished by the Israeli Defence Forces. Lebanese families were totally cut off from one another while trying to escape the IDF assualt on roads that were blown to pieces!

It seems a Hezbollah rocket was hidden in every one of the thousands of apartments that Israel reduced to dusty piles of rubble. Roads, bridges, factories by the dozens, electrical plants, houses, fishing boats, resturants, schools, and entire villages were, like the violent threat preferred by so many Americans, "bombed back into the Stone Age."

Hey, how about that Israeli flyboy who blew a hole right in the middle of the red cross marking a Lebanese ambulance? You know what they say, "the Geneva Conventions and UN resolutions and sanctions don't apply to Israel because as a nation populated by choosen people it is above international law." Evidently it's only a war crime if it is committed against an Israeli. Anyone else, any where in the world, is fair game for pre-emptive invasions, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

Israel's war plan to seize Lebanon (and maybe attack Syria and Iran, too) and the continued victimization of both the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples is diabolical. That the United States and Britain have supported this action is contemptuous. The US even rushed more bombs to Israel to help them destroy Lebanon - for free - they don't pay for it - American taxpayers do! What we, in America are a part of, and what we are seening on our televison screens is not, "the birth pangs of a new Middle East" it is the rise of a new Axis of Evil - Olmert's Israel, Blair's Britian, and Bush's United States!

Israel has a right to defend itself? Peru has a right to defend itself. Malaysia has a right to defend itself. Tajikistan has a right to defend itself. Canada, Mali, Jorden, India, Cuba, Latvia, Greece, Guatamala, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Namibia, Trinidad, Russia, Bolivia, Vietnam, Romania, Sweden, Syria, Italy, Slovakia, Ghana, and Liechtenstein ALL have the right to defend themselves. All people on earth, in all countries, have the right to defend themselves! The Palestinian people and Lebanon have the right to defend themselves.

Israel has pulled a Orwellian switch-a-roo on the word DEFENSE. The Israeli-speak definition of defense translates as OFFENSE with an emphasis on attack, annihilate, punish, murder, occupy, imprison, and control. It is fortunate, that the majority of the globe is populated by decent, civilized societies who choose not to practice the irresponsible, pre-emptive, militaristic methods of "defense" advanced by Israel, Britian, and the US.

The actions of "the New Axis of Evil" are endangering everyone in the Middle East, America, and Britian. My heart goes out to those in Israel, who like those of us here in the States, have worked endlessly to stop the madness of the Likud neoconservatives who have gained power in the governments of both the United States and Israel. Israeli peace activists and Refusniks are under fire in a war that they tried to prevent.

(mostly women and children) in Iraq, and now Lebanon, have suffered enough from the murderous, militaristic misadventures of Olmert, Blair, and Bush. I am deeply grieved and greatly angered by Israel's racial-religious war against Lebanese Arabs and Christians alike. Israeli's ethnic cleansing of Lebanon must be stopped. As Americans we can say...




......................Kitchen Window Woman.....................


Anonymous Paladin said...

What an absolutely one-sided (and naive) view!! Are you forgetting the rocket attacks, from Lebannon into Israel, that started these hostilities? What do you expect the IDF to do - just let these attacks continue while Israeli women and children are killed?

And how on Earth can you claim "self defense" for Lebannon?! Hezbollah is launching rockets from apartment complexes & residential districts, hiding behind the civilians, forcing Israel to either bomb the Lebannese or suffer more rocket attacks; Hezbollah is responsible for the deaths in Lebannon! Yet the Lebannese government does nothing to stop this terrorist group operating within its own borders!

If Israel was a land-hungry empire, expanding its borders at the expense of the countries around it, then some of your ridiculous argument might make sense... but you conveniently forget the several "land for peace" deals Israel has made to try and co-exist with its neighbors. In fact, Bahrain has started trading with Israel again (despite a decades-old law forbidding it.) And the Arab state of Qatar donated $6 million to help build a soccer stadium for an Arab-Jewish team.

Recall the words of the Iranian President, that Israel "should be wiped off the map." And Iran is providing weapons to those attacking Israel...

I don't see how you can denegrate the actions of Israel when she is trying to defend her people. I guess you always support the underdog? Even when the underdog started the hostilities, eh? So, when Israel is attacked by the Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and their various terrorist groups, and thousands (more) of her people are dead then I guess you'll suddenly change your view and decide that Israel has the right to defend itself?

But until then, she's supposed to stoically allow her people to die and not respond?

5:54 AM  
Blogger Raemius said...

Paladin, you are grossly mis-informed. Hezbollah fired rockets only after the commencement of aerial bombing by Israel.

However, Hezbollah did foolishly ignite the conflict by killing 8 and capturing 2 Israeli soldiers.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Raemius, go back and re-read your history lessons...

In 1993, Israel responded to a Hezbollah rocket campaign and guerilla attacks (sound familiar?) by establishing an occupied zone just over Lebannon's border.

In 2000, Israel withdrew its forces from this zone, but vowed it would return if hostilities renewed. (So much for KWW's imperialistic accusations - why give it back if Israel is bent on taking over?!)

The Lebanese-Israeli border had been largly quiet until July 12th, when a Hezbollah force crossed the line and captured 2 Israeli soldiers and killed 8.

Washington Post has more on this-

The "Israeli bombing before Hezbollah cross-border assault" bit you are referring to was incorrectly reported by AP and has been refuted by Camera (Committee for Acurate Middle East Reporting in America.) See here- http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_context=2&x_outlet=2&x_article=1145

Since CAMERA's rebuke, AP has retracted its story and released a new, corrected timeline.

6:43 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Hey, KWW.

I am the owner of "Brad's Brain" and have killed and resurrected the old blog. The new incarnation has moved, and I was hoping you could change your link.

It's now at http://bradsbrain1.blogspot.com



3:29 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Come back! We miss you!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

BRAD...I am around and will be back. There has been a lot going on here at home (health and family issues) and the needless, aggressive, criminal attack on Lebanon blew me into burnout. I was disgusted and still am with Israel and the US not to mention the propagandized versions of events being passed off as news here in the states.I guess I just needed to get away for a bit to rest and to clear my head.

I will be back some time in the next few weeks. We are involved in several big home improvement projects which require hard work but I am enjoying it. I have always been one to scrub the hell out of something when I am frustrated or angry...Boy is it shiney around here! Thanks for the sweet message.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Good luck with your house cleaning, KWW... and speaking of cleaning house, I have to ask - what would YOU do if you were in Israel's shoes?

No moaning about the past or belittling the current administration, but actual actions which would occur in the present... what would you have Israel do if you were in charge? Also, what would you expect the results of your plan to be? How would it be received?

We "NeoCons" are always accusing you "Libs" of bad-mouthing any plan and never having one of your own... here's your opportunity to prove one of us wrong! >grin!<

5:38 AM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

paladin, an accusation does not a fact make. Show me where it says that one must come up with a plan to fix the problem caused by the other side. In a formal debate that diversionary tactic would never be allowed.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Carol Gee... this forum is nothing like a formal debate because both sides of the issue are not equally represented. However, if we suspend that little bit of fact for the moment, my query becomes a request for a 'proposition of policy' (ie, potential courses of action.) I can easily provide source material from the National Forensic League documenting the above statements, if you wish.

The simple truth of the matter is, I never expected a response. From what I've seen, the inhabitants of this blog find it is easier to bad-mouth others whom are actually doing something about the situation, than to come up with any sort of plan themselves.

I envision a pedestrian standing beside a serious car wreck, while a good samaritan administers what aid she can to an injured motorist. "That bandage is not stopping the bleeding..." "You need to clean that or infection will set in. No, I don't have anything to clean it with either..." "If he dies, you'll be held accountable..." "Well, he shouldn't have been driving so fast..."

It's real easy to arm-chair quarterback and point fingers at Israel... but the "debate" changes significantly when it's you and your family on the receiving end of a terrorist-launched rocket.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

We miss you. Yell if you ever come back :(

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Brad said...

Cool, glad to see you're still around. I, too, went through a couple week burn-out (I guess dealing with wingnuts does that to people). Hope you're doing okay, and we'll see you when you get back.

And I changed the blog address again. This time for good. I swear.

3:31 PM  

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