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Monday, June 05, 2006

SEX and The Obsessed Christian


It is ironic and just a wee bit hypocritical that Christians are leading a charge against homosexuals and same sex marriage considering that holier-than-thou American Christians suffer so many sexual problems and perversions .

- Over 37% of American clergy are addicted to internet pornography and between 40 and 53% of the membership of Christian congregations across the country are internet porn addicts as well. So much for lives spent in sexual denial.

- Pedophilia is at an epidemic level in the United States. This was evidenced recently by Dateline's series of programs that targeted and exposed preditory pedophiles who had used the internet to pursue sex with young girls and boys.

- The average PEDOPHILE is a HETEROSEXUAL MALE who is MARRIED and has children. He is often a respected member of society who is active within the community and attends a church, temple, or mosque.

- Then there is the thriving
Culture of Pedophilia made up of predatory priests and nuns within the Catholic Church. Celibacy is not a condition natural to human beings. Hundreds of years of religiously imposed sexual denial have resulted in the victimization of millions of children.

- Every day American "child sex tourists" board planes destined for Asian cities where they are able to purchase child sex slaves. Very little boys and girls as young as seven who are guaranteed virgins, fetch the highest price in American dollars.

- Domestic violence continues to devastate American families. Domestic violence is the preferred method employed by many religious extremists to maintain control over their families.

- Many Christian families turn their backs and abandon their children who are gay. Homosexuals are born. Biology and genetics are involved, not imaginary devils. As a non-christian, I could never abandon my child because of his or her sexual orientation. How ignorantly shameful! I would want my child to be happy with his or her chosen partner.



SEX is natural. SEX feels good. SEX between two consenting adults is meant to be enjoyed - not policed by someone else's god. Good SEX between loving soul mates IS a spiritual, religious experience.




"SANCTITY" is a religious word.

"MARRIAGE is an agreement between two consenting adults to commit to one another for the purpose of loving companionship, survival, the enjoyment of a sexual relationship, and the establishment of a family if desired.



George W. Bush said that the Constitution must be amended "to protect the sanctity of marriage".

If George W. Bush had been speaking the truth the following is what he would have said in his sanctity of marriage speech:

"My numbers are plummeting so I am attempting to shore up my base by pandering to the American theocrats who think they prayed me into the White House. They want payback. As the "Decider" I call upon Congress to FUCK the Separation of Church And State by amending the Constitution to impose the Christian concepts of sanctity and marriage upon every individual in this nation. I am sure that Dr. James Kennedy, Mr. Warren, Tony Perkins, and Dr. James Dobson, along with all of America's Talibanistic evangelicals, will appreciate that my purpose driven actions have furthered their dominionist agenda. Thank you Jesus for saving my smarmy political ass. "



The letter to Dear Abby from the confused mother of a seven year old boy would have been funny if it had not been a tragic illustration of the sexual ignorance and confussion fostered by fundalmentalist Christians like Dr. James Dobson (04/24/2006, S.D. Union-Tribune). After reading a book by SEX EXPERT, Dr. Dobson, the poor mother was afraid that her seven-year-old son would "turn out to be gay" because her husband was "very domestic". The father of the little boy it seems, could cook like a "world class chef", and didn't mind "doing more household chores than other men". Call the vice squad! Remove the child from this perverted environment!

The mother wrote on to say that she had read several of Dr. Dobson's books on family. It was "clearly stated" by Dr. Dobson, "that a father should be the MANLY role model for the son, to prevent the son from being homosexual". That poor Christian mother had taken Dobson's words to heart. She felt she had to protect her son from her husband's example. She was fighting with her husband to convince him to set a more MANLY example . Thankfully, Abby advised her that her husband was already a manly role model for their son and that she didn't need to change a thing!

According to god's sex cop, Dr. Dobson, my husband and two sons are homosexuals. They all cook and rather well! Does this mean Emeril is a poof? It does not matter if someone is a homosexual or not. It's their own business and should not be the concern of a self-proclaimed spokesperson for some god or other.

Humans are sexual animals. We are born that way. Sex is a part of human life from birth to death, so is eating, so is breathing - no big deal.

Infants have sexual feelings when they reach to explore their sexual organs. It is natural to be curious. It is natural to ask questions. It is natural to experiment to find out how something works - no big deal.

Enter Christianity (and several other overly organized controlling religions) and suddenly SEX is a BIG DEAL! It is a sin to think about, talk about, look at, to actually do it if not sanctioned by a Christian representative, and above all, it is prohibited to ENJOY sex. To many, good Christian sex is dirty, something to be ashamed of, shrouded in denial, mysterious, and confined to the missionary position. But what a great button to push!

Christians are kept in line through sexual controls. Since all humans experience tinglings "down there" they can be made to feel guilty and less than pure (sexless). Fearful of exposure, many are prone to manipulation by religious authoritarians.

How many little boys have woken up in terror after a wet dream? How many have had to confess to masturbation and feared punishment from god. How many little girls have felt dirty and confused because they got warm sensations "down there" whenever they looked at the little boy that they had a crush on? How many girls have thought they were pregnant because they kissed a boy? The Christian church has put people through centuries of sexual hell to maintain its control over large portions of society.

It has been easy for the sex-obsessed Christian terrorists to target American gays. SEX is in the word homosexual. Religious indoctrination has led many Christians to fear their own bodies. Many are afraid of or repulsed by SEX. They are afraid of their penises and filled with sexual guilt. They are afraid of their vaginas and filled with sexual guilt. They feel guilty about longing for sexual pleasure and then suffer guilt after they experience actual sexual pleasure. No wonder gay marriage is such an attractive focus issue for their sexual denial, confusion, and anger.

Sadly, sexual control is the driving force behind the movement by American Christian fundalmentalists and dominionists to subvert the Constitution. It is their goal to transform America into a CHRISTIAN THEOCRACY and SEX is their weapon of choice.

Marriage is already addressed in the Constitution... it falls under The Separation of Church and State.

Let's keep the demons of theology out of our sex lives
...............Kitchen Window Woman..............


Blogger mommy on the verge said...

3,000 Amens to that sister!

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Lynda said...

Great article!

12:10 PM  
Blogger jbruno said...

If only more people would look so deep...

Homosexuality is a double threat to the patriarchy of Christianity and other male god religions.

-Two women in love have no need of a man, except through indirect procreation (potentially). Their bodies are not for ownership by men, and their sexual activities are not for the stimulation of a man's libido.

-Two men in love fundamentally changes the role of men in society. And the fear of penetration is clearly exhibited in our vernacular: "screwed," "f***ed," etc...

The perception of homosexuality as merely sex is the root of the problem. The homophobic cannot see the potential for love intrasexually.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

Very well said KWW. And I don't really have anything to add that I haven't already said before.

Just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly concur!

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Coyote said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... fundamentalism is wrong, no matter which quarter it emerges from.

The islamic fundamentalists are not the only ones to watch, it's the bloody christian fundamentalists who are going to turn this planet of ours into a police state governed by the 'moral' police!

"Howl @ The Moon!"

4:50 PM  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

It seems to me, the sole (soul, heh) of the Christian (fundamentalist) agenda is sex. Who should have it, how, when, etc. Nary a mention of any of Jesus' other teaching, eh?

You, know, how a camel had a better chance of passing through than the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven...?

Nah. For the fundies, it's sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

I did a series on Reconstitution awhile back called "The men who hide in jesusistan," detailing their ties to racist organizations, their "women as property" agenda, and-perhaps most importantly-their appalling sexual aberrations.

It is no surprise to me that these hypocrites would be screaming so loudly about the sex lives of consenting adults-they don't want you to look too closely at what they, themselves, are doing.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

This subject definately needs to be up for discussion.

Glad you liked this article.

I agree with you that homosexuality is a double threat to the "male god religions" and to heterosexual gender roles in out society.

I also agree with you about love involved in same sex couples who desire to marry. When two adults are fortunate enough to have a loving relationship, it is time for celebration, not discrimination. There are many married heteros whose battlefield relationships are well known to all of those who have to suffer the emotional fallout.

Relationships are difficult to maintain at best. The type of sexual organ one has does not determine love or success in a marriage. That is up to the individuals involved, their emotional make-up, their ability to respect one another, and their willingness to work together on their relationship. Communication is also extremely important.

I think that we will see the day when we will be attending the weddings of our gay friends!

3:55 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Things are looking up - the attempt to force a fundamental Christian agenda upon the American people by amending the Constitution to promote sexual discrimination FAILED and will fail again!

Religious fundamentalism is the gravest danger facing mankind today. The war on terror is nothing in face of the war being waged on humankind by the each of the three theocratic gods of the Middle East.They and their human mouthpieces have been responsible for close to three thousand years of human misery.

Yep, I agree. It's seems like a type of voyeurism. The fundie sex police are always thinking about what other people are doing sexually and some of them are watching online via internet porn website.

YOu are right. They don't want anyone to catch on to what they are doing. Sex is the whip they use to control others. I know that I would not want my granddaughter around fundamentalist men and their self-proclaimed religious leaders. They are weak men who prey on others to inflate their puny egos.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Great post. There's nothing moral or spiritual about these "Christian" demagogues. It's just a coalition of Big Business, rightwing extremist groups and powercrazed "Christian" leaders trying to grab as much power as they can.

To see the total disconnect between their "moral" rhetoric and their true colors, check out this link.

3:09 PM  
Blogger MsDemmie said...

Amazing post

1:16 PM  
Blogger jali said...

Great post.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

A very emotional rant... not surprising considering the volatile nature of this debate topic. But I saw a disturbing lack of factual information in your writing...

80% of the US population is christian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States#Religious_affiliation) If you are looking for a mandate, I think one exists!

Your statistical evidence and anecdotal proofs are very disturbing and solicite the emotional response you were looking for when you typed them... but what do they have to do with a federal definition of "marriage?" If anything, they lead to the conclusion that the US is morally decrepit - and changing the marriage laws is only further evidence!

3:24 PM  

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