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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bunker Busters, Borders, and Babushkas - Tiny Bubbles

TINY BUBBLES are bits of pondering that pass through my mind when I am at the sink doing the daily Palmolive. The thought blips that bubble up are posted under the heading "Tiny Bubbles" with an affectionate nod to my ukulele playing husband, and partner in politics, Catfish. Drop in and visit his "all things ukulele" web page for a fascinating glimspe into the world of the "Jumping Flea", here at Catfish's Closet. Now, on to Tiny Bubbles...

...BUNKER BUSTER NUKES - Plans for new nukes have been on the table since members of the current neocon regime gained access to the White House. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been re-routed from America's domestic budget to the development of new-improved bunker buster nukes. It is obvious this rogue administration believes that size matters. "They're not really dangerous because they aren't big bombs. Bunker busters are so small that the destruction unleashed is tiny." Yeah, little puffs of radiation from "Cute Nukes", the made in moral America Mini-WMD's!

...DR. JORGE E. HIRSCH, Phd., Professor of Physics, UCSD will read a letter to President George W. Bush on Wednesday, April 26, at Layfayette Park across from the White House. The letter will "tell him that to plan for the use of nuclear weapons against Iran is gravely irresponsible". A supporting petition by over 1,900 physicists accompanies the letter which is signed by twelve of the nation's most eminent physicists including four Nobel Laureates.

Who to trust - almost 2000 highly educated, dedicated, responsible physicists or the President, a proven liar, whose education started with privilege and a bottle and ended in arrogant ignorance and religious fundalmentalism?

...BORDERS - Recently there has been an uproar about securing America's borders. There is one type of border, however, that cannot be secured. Borders do not exist in the atmosphere that encases the globe. Nuclear fallout from the proposed use of mini-nukes against Iran will travel wherever the wind carries it. Think about it - radiation raining down on your backyard, the school playground, the water you drink, and the fields where the food you eat is grown. The radioactive cloud over Iran won't stay there, it will be wafting your way!

...BRAVO BRAVE BABUSHKAS!!! - Eighteen very wise grandmothers whose ages ranged form 50 to 91 years, went on trial in New York last week on charges of disorderly conduct. They were arrested for blocking a military recruiting station door during an anti-war protest in October. The Grannies were trying to enlist so that American grandchildren would not sacrifice their youth or their lives fighting a war. "Coming to this damn court is nothing compared to what is happening to people in Iraq," said Marie Runyon, 91. It looks as if it is up to the grandmothers around the world to stop the Bush wars!

...Calling all Babushkas, Grandmeres, Abuelas, Mammaws, Mimis, Ajjis, Omas, Nannas, Grannys, Yayas, and Jaddahs everywhere...

LOOK TO THE FUTURE - Do whatever you can to - STOP WAR NOW!

Don't allow your families or governments to play war....or our grandchildren's grandchildren will pay with their lives.

Grandmothers for Peace International click here

...Calling all Girls, Women, Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters, Aunts, Nieces, and Grandaughters...It's Time to Go ACTIVE Against Bush Wars And Bunker Buster Nukes...

CODE PINK Women For Peace click here


Blogger MsDemmie said...

Please keep the bubbles coming. I find your posts thought provoking and informative.

4:06 AM  
Blogger zenyenta said...

Great post. I'm going to check those links out...especially the grandmothers for peace one. This is SUCH insanity!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Travel Italy said...

Stop war... That would be a marvelous thing but as long as we have people, in the world, who have no hope there will be war. Religious, patriotic or simply just we are betting looking will be the motivation.

The question is: "when someone wants to change your lifestyle or subjegate you what are you willing to allow this to happen?"

2:34 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Great post. Unfortunately, things could backfire for those grannies trying to enlist. With the enlistment age going up and up and up, they just might be eligible one of these days.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Ok, lets throw some factual information out and watch KWW retreat yet again with avoidance and a joke...

First of all, just because the DoD develops a weapon doesn't mean it will be used. The best weapon is one that functions as a deterent and doesn't have to be used! However, it's not much of a threat if it doesn't exist!!

In '96 Clinton told Libya to stop building a chemweapons lab that tunnelled under a mountain south of Tripoli. Slick Willie threatened them with the entire US arsenal, including nukes. Qaddafi believed the threat and production stopped.
http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/0509/p01s02-usmi.html (That's evidence of my statement, KWW - try it sometime!!)

The point being, the deterent effect does work.

So how can we apply this "detering effect" when modern building techniques advance and the enemy feels they are secure from anything the US arsenal might hold?

You expand the arsenal.

(Or, we adopt the moronic view and hope we never face that situation because we're unprepared.)

Oh, KWW is right about one thing (note: ONE) that wind and rain can carry a weapon's payload... did you know a missle detonated several hundred miles off the coast of California could put chemical and biological agents on US cities and towns? North Korea can reach that point NOW. (Still think we should bury our heads in the sand and do nothing?)

Now... regarding these silver-haired protestors. I wonder where they were during WWII... when Boy Scouts were gathering scrap metal and lead for the war effort, when Hollywood starlets were pulling their nylons off for the war effort, when Rosie the riveter became the new ideal of beautiful.

Patriotism has gone out of the window.

A while back you made comparisons of the current US administration to the Nazi regime of WWII... have you compared the similarities of today's geopolitical arena with what we faced in WWII? I didn't think so. You should try it... an enlightening mental exercise.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Coyote said...

If bumbling Bush opens the Nuclear bottle and lets the genie out, there is no going back.

It doesn't have to be WWIII, it doesn't have to even be global... all it takes is one middle eastern country to retalliate and then all hell will break out.

What a legacy to have written on your tombstone.

The sooner someone in your country impeaches this muppet the better... he is the most dangerous man on the planet.

"Howl @ The Moon!"

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Ah, but what if it's one of the unstable, middle eastern countries that rubs your proverbial lamp? Iran is already making threats of hiding it's nuclear programs and trading technology to neighboring arab nations (like Sudan!)
See http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/iran_nuclear

With activities and promises like this being made by anti-west nations, is it foolish or prudent to develop the tools that can address the problem?

Travel Italy summed it up nicely... there will always be a motivation for war. A strong leader makes the necessary preparations (however unpopular!) to protect his people.

It's better to have nukes (or bunker busters) and never need them, than to need them and not have them.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Well, I see Paladin is back on that tired, old, "WWII" stuff. The same moronic crap that said that not stopping Saddam was like Chamberlain not stopping Hitler (and then we all found out that we had nothing to stop-a discovery that will likely lead to the bankruptcy of the country, after which Paladin and his buddies can worry about who winds up with all those alt-nukes his Lord is fiddling with.)

The simplest, most direct solution to our problems is to get off the oil. If we aren't buying what they are selling, we can basically sever all our ties with them while they go about the business of killing each other. They've done it for centuries,and nobody yet has been able to stop them (it's really too bad that the men people like Paladin admire have apparently never picked up a history book.) We could actually slow the killing down a lot by not funneling the funds into that part of the world-when they can't afford the armaments anymore, they'll be back to stoning each other, but the kill rate from stones is going to be significantly less than the rate from things like IEDs, bombs, bullets, no?

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

Well, Jolly... if you're holding back knowledge the rest of the country doesn't have, then shame on you!

After all, you have the answer! Get the US off of oil. Ok!


You don't change a battleship's direction in mere seconds, just like you can't change the energy requirements of the world's largest economy overnight either! I mean, while you're setting new domestic policy why not throw in an end to world hunger and the cure for cancer!?!

Step into the real world, look reality square in the face, then you might be able to see why our President made the tough and unpopular decisions he did.

President Bush has been actively working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil... fighting tooth-and-nail just to get drilling in the ANWR passed while being called anti-nature by you libs. You want to have your cake, eat it too, and not have any social programs trimmed to pay for it! Get real.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Ryan Oddey said...

Iran is being run by a madman, and while we should not ignore him, the Bush policy of "egging them on" is about the worst possible way to handle this whole mess.

Making things worse, Iran has allies in Russia and China, I wrote a piece today discussing my thoughts on those three and would love to hear your feedback, thanks.

2:22 PM  

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