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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tiny Bubbles.........

Tiny Bubbles are Dishpan shorts - news blips, or thought bubbles - named so with a Dishpan nod to my Uke playing husband.

Here are today's small, soap spheres to contemplate........

George Jilted??

Georgie and Saud Prince Abdullah
were hand-holding like love-sick fool-lahs.
But when George was so crass,
as to ask about gas,
Abdul sighed, then replied
"no can do-lah." ...........limerick by KWW

On Thursday, April 28, 2005 President George W. Bush, "faced the nation," on Prime Time television. The President promoted his Social Security Scam and demanded "that Congress take action to restrain gas prices." His efforts to "stay on message" were hindered, however, by the necessity to respond to questions from REAL journalists. Congress sighed, then replied, "no can do-lah".........


A nod goes to Lalo Alcaraz the creator of La Cucaracha. It is one of my favorite strips in the funny papers. The other day he addressed the vigilantes who have formed a human border in Arizona as, "Hombres Minuto." It cracked me up and inspired the following:

"hummmmmmm, A "Minute Man"....... must be a disappointment!" I can hear Mae West delivering these words.

I heard one of the founders of "Los Hombres minuto" on the radio. He said illegal immigrants must be stopped because they are breaking our laws - The Laws of the Nation. I ask, "When your European ancestors migrated onto lands that were held, and governed, by the people indigenous to this continent for thousands of years, did your Euro-American fore-fathers respect, and obey their "Rules of Law?"

A Definition - Minute Men (hom-bres mi-nu-to), n. 1. A bunch of bored, bellicose, avaiator glasses-wearing, arms-bearing, bigoted bofos, butts in beach chairs, drawing beads on the behinds of one another, in hopes of bagging a Mexican or.....better yet, a real Arab terrorist: willing however, to settle for an interview with doctor-shopper, pill-popper, Rush Limbaugh. -- syn. Danger Will Robinson!


Congratulations Are In Order!

Ahmad Chalabi, con man confidant of America's neocon fascists, master WMD myth-maker, Dick Cheney's slicker-than-snot, man-on-the-spot, "pet Iraqi," has landed a new position! He is now (an act of the GOP's God, I'm sure) the new acting Iraqi Oil Minister.

Does this mean Dickie finally gets to take Iraq's oil?

*NOTE - Chalabi is a convicted embezzler in Jordan, used armed thugs to appropriate vehicles from ordinary Iraqi citizens, traded highly classified US military info to the Iranians, tried to set himself up as Iraq's next dictator, AND FOR THIS .............he was paid in millions of American, greenback, taxpayer dollars!!

Just a little contemplation may save our nation.......
.....................Kitchen Window Woman..................


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