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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Update on "Constitution Vigil" - Family Photos

Here are some family photos of last Wednesday night's (Feb. 22nd) MoveOn.org "Constitution Vigil". The two handsome demonstrators in the center of the top photo are my eldest son (left) and my husband (right). I am in the photo on the left. My "Peace Sign" is an original from 38 years ago.

We have also received some updated information. The "Stop The Abuse of Power - Respect Our Rights" vigil held in the middle of Congressman Duncan Hunter's district was attended by 72 concerned citizens... not the 60 that I mentioned in my previous post. How wonderful to correct such a positive error!

SuperHawk, Duncan "I never saw an armed conflict that I didn't vote for" Hunter's days as a congressional whore for defense contractors are numbered. The attendees at this Constitution Vigil made note of his absence by pledging to oust his militaristic behind. A "Dump Duncan" movement is afoot! Yep, come November he'll be gone if the Abramoff investigation doesn't get him first. After all, he is known to be very cozy with war hero/crook Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Hmmmm.

*** I've been thinking..... I wonder if the millions of Americans who do not want this country sold off piece by piece could get together and shut down those ports? What else has been sold to foreign corporations with Bush family connections?

Goodnight. It is a busy day tomorrow
........Kitchen Window Woman..........


Anonymous JollyRoger said...

El Shrubbo has been paying off his benefactors since the day he was appointed. It is what he was appointed for, and it s his #1 task, more important than anything else his handlers may task him with.

A realization of this fact will go a long way in the effort to dethrone the smirking chimp. And anything that prevents him from paying off his backers is a step towards taking the country back.

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Paladin said...

What else has been sold to foreign corporations with Bush family connections?

Hmmm... a better question might be to ask what Clinton sold off! After all, Los Angeles' port is managed by a Chinese holding company... as is the Panama Canal!!

But I have to question, where is all the diversity and tolerance you Democrats espouse? I mean, you screamed bloody murder when law enforcement began scrutinizing arabic-profiled travelers and had the ACLU file lawsuit after lawsuit...
You wanted closer relations with arabic nations and emphasized "allies"...

So, why the hypocrisy?

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Look to the books! We were only to hold the Panama Canal for 100 years and lost many U.S. Forces just proir to It's release back to Panama. Hypocrisy you ask? Take a tour, send your son or daughter! Then ask is my enemy's enemy my friend? Always 360 Degrees out the GATE

Standing and seen outside a Window

2:25 AM  

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