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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Compatriots, Candles, and The Constitution

We went for Greek food before we joined our compatriots at the local candlelight vigil called by MoveOn.org. Ahhhhh, Greek food, nourishment, for the soul of democracy. It was, I must report, very good food which was soon followed by very good company. Wednesday night's "Constitution Vigil" on our turf was a success!

It was a joy to meet with like-minded, concerned, patriotic citizens and enlightening, too! Articles and books were discussed, experiences shared, and future political action events were plugged.

Sixty people put match to candle to support the "Constitution" of the United States. Sixty People lined both sides of the street in front of the courthouse and held signs signs that read: Stop Illegal Wiretapping, Not Above the Law, Bush Broke the Law, and Worst Person in the World (which was printed over Bush's face). Written in "Sharpie" colors on my homemade sign was this message: "No More Secrets In Washington - Spy On Bush & Cheney!"

Sixty people gathered around and held their candles to provide light for the two young daughters of the event organizer, who read aloud from the Bill of Rights. I remember thinking, as the candlelight softly haloed their beautiful, young faces, "we MUST protect this document and it's essence, or these girls and their future children, will suffer an American Dictatorship". I was glad that my family and I had joined forces with the others to protect our Constitution.

****NOTE - Sorry, I will have to complete this post when my husband and I get home. We are on our way to "the movies" to see the new version of "Why We Fight". It is playing at only one theater in the entire county, and we are afraid that it will disappear before we get to see it, so we made an instant plan to go.


****NOTE - Back now. We were gone most of the day. Got lost trying to find the movie theater so we missed the beginning of "Why We Fight" but what we did see was worth the drive. Then, we went to Ikea on a fix'em-up household mission, which ended up taking longer, as trips to Ikea usually do.

So where was I?.....I remember!.... the Constitution Vigil last Wednesday night.


It felt good to attend the vigil. We went as a family - my husband and I, our eldest son (who is a disabled veteran of Gulf War I and Kosovo), and our daughter. Our youngest son was unable to make it. I am a veteran also, and a dedicated, responsible citizen, so I have a deep commitment to speaking out in support of democracy and against tyranny.

On Wednesday night, thousands of people stood together in the cold darkness to shine light on the Constitution of the United States of America. In 271 locations across the breadth of this nation, we stood against an imperial president who has violated the privacy of his fellow citizens. We stood for our loved ones and our love of democracy. We stood for our family members who fought for their country and this document in historical domestic insurrections, multiple conflicts abroad, and each were time told it would be "the war to end all wars". Our vigil also included friends and family, who could not, due to circumstances, attend physically, but were with us in spirit. We stood together because the fight to PRESERVE OUR FREEDOM is not over there - it is right here, right now, at home in AMERICA!

Many people who were driving past evidently felt the same - they honked and flashed peace signs in support. Some people were afraid to look toward those of us who were demonstrating our patriotism with candles and signs. They stared straight ahead at the road like horses with blinders on, and prayed for the light to change.

Worth mentioning.....

- The woman who told me that she felt she was among "family" because she was with people who had actually read books, newspapers, and the Constitution, were able to think critically and not afraid to question.

- The gentleman who called everyone's attention to a piece in the current issue of Harper's Magazine by Lewis H. Lapham entitled, "THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT Why We Can No Longer Afford George W. Bush". I was happy because my issue of that very magazine had arrived in the mail the previous day, and was awaiting my attention at home. I read the article on Saturday and recommend it to all.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

I must to bed for I feel the approach of sleep.
Sleep. Dreams await of food and democracy. Greek.
.............Kitchen Window Woman...............


Anonymous Jake Porter said...

I love the Constitution. So much that I am even called a radical for carrying it with me everywhere I go.

Keep up the fight for the Constitution.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

I'm glad there are so many of these vigils. There's a visibility, an "out there" quality, that's lacking in online activism. There's been an anti-war demonstration every Saturday afternoon in my quaint little town. Attendance is growing; there were probably about 25-30 people last Saturday. Lots of people honked as they drove by.

A lot of the signs are really clever too. "Torture those as you would have them torture you" is my favorite one so far.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

JAKE PORTER...Impressive! We are all going to keep up the fight. That's why I say we should be spying on Bush and Cheney who are working hard, in secret, to dismantle the Constitution in favor of an "Imperial Presidency". What we are in danger of is an Imperial figurehead who presides over a government structured on fascist framework.

TOM...There are several move events upcomming in March. I will be writing about one of them. I love the torture sign!

4:10 PM  

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