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Monday, July 04, 2005

The meaning of FREEDOM

The Fourth of July is not one of my favorite holidays and never has been. I guess after seeing newsreels of Nazi troops stomping across Europe, and the films on television of the Soviets Parading weapons and troops in Red Square, I find such displays of nationalism and military might vulgar.

However, on this July Fourth, in the year two thousand and five, freedom in America is under direct threat by Neoconservative, Judeo-Christian fanatics who have every intent of enforcing not only their views on others, but also want total control over our secular, democratic, free society.

George W. Bush has been abusing the word FREEDOM. He has masked an aggression against another people by calling it a "fight for freedom," and at the same time has been manipulating, and dismantling the Constitution of the United States of America.

FREEDOM means.............

"1. the state of being at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. 2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. power of determining one's or it's own action. 4. Philos. the power to make one's own choices of decisions without constraint from within or without; automony; self-determination. 5. civil liberty, as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government. 6. political or national independence. 7. a particular privilege enjoyed, as by a city or corporation: freedom to levy taxes.
8. personal liberty, as opposed to slavery. 9. absence of or release from ties obligations, etc. 10. exemption or immunity from anything specified (usually fol. by from) 11. ease or faculity of movement or action. 12. frankness of manner or speech. 13. absence of ceremony or reserve. 14. a liberty taken. 15. the right of enjoying all the privileges or special rights of citizenship, membership, etc. 16. the right to frequent, enjoy, or use at will.
SYN- 1. Freedom, Independence, Liberty, refer to an absence of undue restrictions and an opportunity to exercise one's rights and powers. Freedom emphasizes the opportunity given for the exercise of one's rights, powers, desires, or the like: freedom of speech, or conscience; freedom of movement.
Independence implies not only lack of restrictions but also the ability to stand alone, unrestrained by anything else: Independence of thought promotes invention. Liberty, though most often interchanged with Freedom is also used to imply undue exercise of freedom: He took liberties with the text." - The Random House College Dictionary.

does not imply at all, citizens being forced by law to adhere to the religious beliefs of others, or to be burdened by the fallout from those beliefs. Let those who hold certain religious beliefs KEEP THEM PRIVATE as their personal journey and the path taken by another are sure to differ. Let those who hide their need to dominate others behind a deity, try introspection instead.

A wonderful example of Freedom and Democracy in action is the ruling by the California Supreme Court this last week, to let stand a new law granting registered domestic partners the same rights and protections given to heterosexual spouses. A victory for civil rights and love over religious intolerance!

There are sure to be frantic, fanatic fireworks. Try to look at it this way....If you are spending time thinking about what two consenting adults are doing sexually...YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!!

Enjoy your families, the food, and the holiday fireworks,
Happy Freedom to us all!
.....................Kitchen Window Woman..................


Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...


6:57 PM  
Blogger jane said...

Thats a great post! So many I've read today are about 'the cost of freedom' ie....war, violence...you know what I mean.
I couldn't agree with you more. Right now, my heart & soul are just sickened by the state of our nation. I'm so concerned about our future & what we're leaving for the following generations.
great post!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Hey OKDEMOCRAT!....I didn't know that it was the 229th. Geez, ya just loose track of time sometimes, ya know?

JANE....My heart and soul are sick, too, that is why I blog. I am very concerned for the future. I am a Mom and a Grandma.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Brother Kenya said...

I'm with you, KWW. Nationalism's a mood disorder, if you ask me. I wish people in this country could distinguish it from real patriotism, which has nothing to do with imperial forays into the Middle East.

By the way, I saw War of The Worlds on the 4th, and it was strangely appropriate.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Hey, your definitions of Freedom were incomplete: #17. The sacred privilege of being nothing more than chattel and raw materials for Halliburton :)

Great post. Too many people can't see the difference between patriotism and blind nationalism. And Bush/Cheney are taking full advantage of that ignorance.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

I ask you to send your prayers to the victims of the London terrorist attacks today. Pray for a better tommorrow my friend. God bless.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

BROTHER KENYA...I have not seen war of the worlds yet. I spent time on the Fourth watching the extras on Hijacking Catastrophe...Stan Goff, and Shadia Drury.

Today, London was bombed and the nationalistic pot is once again boiling over on the back burner while the chickenhawks drool with anticipation.

We need a new approach!

TOM HARPER...I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget #17. It's my age, or maybe it's my attitude, tee hee.

They will try to use the bombing of London today to rally the public back into a full fervor for war.

OKDEMOCRAT...I'm on it.

4:57 PM  

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