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Friday, July 01, 2005

I've Been Doing Dishes All Morning

If I hadn't been down in town running errands all day yesterday, the dishes would'nt have bred like rabbits in my sink. Arrraaaaaugggghhhh - they have sex in the sink when I'm gone!

I've spent most of the morning, in the kitchen, at the sink so I am going to take that as a "Tiny Bubbles" sign. It is also Bubble time because there are many little blips on my thought screen that need to be released into the blogoshere.

"Tiny Bubbles" are "Dishpan Shorts", news bubbles, or post-it-note thought blips with a wink and a spongy wave toward my Ukelele playing husband.


Well Worth Reading......

On Hitler's Mountain, Overcomming The Legacy Of A Nazi Childhood
by Irmgard A. Hunt

This newly published memoir details the experience of being a child during the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany. Irmgard Hunt's writing flows gently through the memories that make this tale so chillingly normal. It is the description of that "normal" that causes one to stop and think. It is the normal of family, music, school, work, duty, unquestioning patriotism, nationalism, sacrifice, war, death, heartbreak, and destruction that tell this tale. Throughout, the relentless beat of propaganda underscores Hitler's total control of all media.

When Irmgard Hunt was a child, Hitler crouched down and pulled her to sit on his knee for a photo. He was a politician, after all.

Compare what happens in this book to what is happening now in America. We have gone from a country to whom Nazi soldiers would surrender because we were noted for our fair and humane treatment of prisoners, to a nation which finds torture acceptable.

"Once the war ended, and we were recovering from it's anxieties and privations, we slowly began to realize to what degree the Nazis had shaped our minds and every detail of our daily lives, and the enormity of German guilt. I also began to appreciate people like my grandfather, who had expressed doubts, who had dared to be critical, and who, though basically powerless, had made brave attempts at resistance."

"Even then, I made up my mind always to be on the lookout for the signs - however insidious and seemingly harmless - of dictatorships in the making and to resist politics that are exclusive, intolerant, or based on ideological zealotry and that demand unquestioned faith in one leader and a flag." - Irmgard A. Hunt

A Must See Movie...........

9/11, Fear, & the Selling of American Empire -
Narrated by Julian Bond

I ordered this DVD from The Media Education Foundation (www.mediaed.org)
It was 19.95 plus extra for shipping and worth every penny!

It is a documentary that "places the Bush Administration's false justifications for war in Iraq within the much larger context of a two-decade struggle by neo-conservatives dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the Cold War, and to expand American Power globally by means of force."

Featured are interviews and extras with Stan Geoff, Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, Scott Ritter, Daniel Ellsberg, and Shadia Drury. Many other political experts and writers together examine the pre-existing adgenda of the Radical Republicans who make up the Bush Administration.

This "Doc" would be an excellent choice to show at the up and comming Progressive Movie Parties being hosted by MoveOn members. If you are not going to have a party, buy it anyway (if you can afford it)! Show it to your family, and friends, or loan it out. It is like several movies in one. The extras alone are worth it. The truth is here to be seen! It is guaranteed to generate discussion and debate.....you know, like democracy!

Just Say NO to Fundamentalist Control Freaks

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor stepped down from the court today. The Christian Right are drooling at the prospect of a conservative, pro-Christian judge with a Jesus Adgenda being appointed to take her place. There is NO place for religious DOGMA in DEMOCRACY! Let's have an unJesus judge instead, to balance the court, and represent the rest of us who are NOT CHRISTIAN. There are many ways of life and many beliefs. Diversity, Balance, Diversity, Balance............

And now I'm off to tend to other matters,
,...........Kitchen Window Woman...........


Blogger Brad said...

Great site. Good to have someone else out there telling it like it is. Keep it up.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Michael_the_Archangel said...

Sure you play that movie, then back it with the lies the Michael Moore spits out and in keeping with the theme play Snow White because it's obvious that you believe in fairy tales. Have a great day!

6:24 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

BRAD...I am glad that you like my site. I have spent 55 years speaking my mind and I'm not ready to retire yet. We need people like you to keep doing what you are doing, too! Together we can put an end to the movement toward an American Empire

"ANGEL"...Have you seen the movie? Probably not. Do you know anything about Stan Geoff? or Lt. Colonel Kwiatkowski? Evidently not. These heoric Americans are not all "Fairy Tale" characters. Shame on you for belittling their military service and sacrifices for their country.

Michael Moore is one of my heros.He is a true patriot! Michigan can be proud. Did you know he is from a factory town. My Dad worked in the factories in Detroit all of his life - after fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. Michigan Boy makes good!

Oh, I get it! I wrote about the Saudi Arabians so I must have been brainwashed by Michael Moore. A misconception on your part. I have bookcases that are full all over the house. Some of my books deal with what got us into this war and yeah, about America's strange relationship with the Saudi Royal family. I research and analyze the information that I gather. I compare, weigh, and evaluate. In other words, I THINK for myself!

P.S. Yesterday our very conservative big city newspaper ran an article about the suicide attackers in Iraq. It seems that the majority of suicide attackers who are smuggled over the borders into Iraq are Saudi Arabians. All but four of the suicide bombers who flew the planes into the towers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabians. First they attack America and now they attack Iraq. Some fairy tale, huh?

12:27 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

Sucks about the dishes. I hate that. My dad and my brother make terrible room mates. They make mess after mess and never clean it up. I actually had to deal with moldy grease last night. Talk about odor...

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HIJACKING CATASTROPHE , You're right that is well worth seeing and paying for.

Thanks for stopping by my site.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

opps that was me

9:55 AM  

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