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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tiny Bubbles on My Birthday

"Tiny Bubbles" are thought blips, or post-it-notes, titled so with a nod toward my ukelele playing husband, who was thoughtful enough (this morning) to make a pot of fresh coffee, set out my cup, and fill a vase with roses from our garden. What a nice way to wake up on one's birthday! Thank you, Catfish!

Bubble #1.....Who would have thought that a John Lennon song from 1968's White Album would be a prophesy of Florida's future..........?

Florida has the sun and now, thanks to Jeb Bush, Florida has guns!

Happiness is a warm gun.... Happiness is a warm gun.... bang bang shoot shoot....

I'm using the song to refer to the kind of gun with bullets - Florida already has a problem with the kind that goes into the veins. Anything is possible with Jeb Bush! This time he warmed up to the GUN lobby! "Bang bang shoot shoot"..... I predict that some American gun manufacturers are so delirious with joy that they are already trying to get the Castle Doctrine installed in other states.

Note to Tourists: Missouri is known as the Show-Me State. Come to Florida..... Now Known as...the Fun in the Sun with your Gun.... Shoot-Me State!


Blogger jennifer said...

happy birthday!

12:03 PM  

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