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Friday, May 13, 2005

Not Bad For Almost 55!

The original post with this title disappeared in the nano-second of a republish click (I had done some typo edits). That was the day before yesterday. Yesterday, I was down in town so I didn't have time to deal with it. Fortunately, I had saved a copy on the advice of my husband and daughter, and am able to post it again.

It has been a six year journey from learning to turn a computer on to writing a blog. I never would have imagined that I would be doing such a thing! And, there is still so much more to learn! This past week, I signed up with Blog Explosion and have been learning how to navigate it.

When I returned to college, I was a forty-nine-year-old grandmother, and I was terrified of computers. I just knew that I would blow it up and thousands of dollars worth of machinery would be destroyed. I have come a long way since then.

I decided to blog because I am very concerned about the future of not only my country, but of my neighbors in countries around the globe, who are threatened by America's military aggression. It is my way of speaking up and speaking out.

It seems that war, instead of being the last, most horrific solution to dispute, has become the response of choice for the current American government. It is also a highly profitable money maker for the corporate elite. America is growing increasingly more nationalistic and militaristic. We have become greedy, power-hungry, xenophobic thugs who have little or no respect for other peoples, or other points of view. America needs an "attitude adjustment!"

I promised myself that I would do something.....so I blog. I think that if we educate, connect, and brainstorm, we can come up with a more workable approach to world peace. War, historically, has never led to peace.

There is a wonderful new magazine, for instance, that is based in Europe. ODE Magazine is full of ideas that are both practical and inspirational. I recommend it heartily! Pick up a copy and give it a look-see.

It's funny, "Old Europe" seems to be comming up with new answers. You see, they have "been there and done that", and are finished with Imperialism (except, of course, Tony Blair). This "Old Hippie Lady", and her contemporaries, aim to come up with some new answers, too! We just need to get rid of the "Old Cowboys", who still think that it's OK to shoot up the town, and then ride off into the sunset! That's only in the movies, boys!

I will be 55 tomorrow on May 14th, and am glad that I got over my computer fears. I am also happy to have noticed during my blog surfing these last few days, that I am not the only person of mature years who is blogging! Yay for us!

And now back to the suds in the sink.......
..........Kitchen Window Woman...............


Blogger BeatleChick81 said...

Nope! Not bad, not bad! :)! Old, and still going strong! ;)! BTW, Happy Birthday to Ya, mom! Love ya! -- B.C.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Heywood J. said...

Good stuff. Great blog. Always nice to see a fellow May birthday (mine's the 27th, so Gemini rather than Taurus).

Have a happy birthday!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Thanks for the Happy B Day wishes and the same to you on May 27. KWW

4:04 PM  

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