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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Don't let your children grow up to be like hers. They have been taught that "appearance is everything", and that "the end justifies the means." They lack empathy and compassion, are manipulative, lazy, greedy, irresponsible, power hungry, and destructive.

Her blue-blood pedigree, with a line back to the Bourbon kings, was the foundation of her belief that she and her children were a class above everyone else. She instilled them with arrogance, and pride, and led them to believe that they were destined to lead while overlooking their shallow, selfish, boorish behavior. She taught them that lying was OK when used to obtain their goals. They learned to expect respect from others as their due but to give respect to no one.

Petty and vindictive herself, she practiced name calling with relish, and modeled the fine art of exacting revenge, in front of her children. She protected them not only from harm, but from any kind of criticism. They never had to take responsibility for their actions as children, and they still don't. Mothers and children all over the world have suffered and suffer still because of this woman's children.

Her sons, as adults, have: lied, manipulated votes, and stolen elections, lost millions in other peoples money (that has never been repaid), lied, excuted 152 people (the most in any state in American history), tried to undermine the Constitution, lied, used religion to gain power, lost over 500 children in the state foster care system, pandered to corporate interests and polluters, turned a state into a shooting gallery, lied, had exta-marital affairs, used political connections to stay out of combat, had sex with prostitutes, been drunk, disorderly, and urinated on cars, lied, done insider trading, threatened ordinary citizens, lied, alienated America's allies, opened the door to religious fanatics and fascism, and lied to start a war that has killed several hundred thousand Iraqis and Americans!

Her husband calls her Bar. She's known as "the meanest woman in Texas" in her adopted state. Her daughter-in-law recently likened her to Don Corleone. She's been a First Lady and is now the First Mother. I think of her as America's Worst Mother!

We CAN and WILL do better! Teach your children well.....
............Kitchen Window Woman....................


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