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Monday, May 02, 2005

Laura Bush Makes Me Want to Spew!

If I hear or see one more replay of Laura Bush's cutesie weekend performance I AM GOING TO SPEW! CNN and MSMBC anchors have been falling over each other, fawning and fussing about Laura's little speech: even going so far as to call it RISQUE!

See, she's just like the rest of us. She's not some up-tight member of the crazed Christian Right. Mrs. Bush watches "Desperate Housewives", and it has SEX in it! She's "up-to-date with it", and funny, too!

She has a speech writer and a joke writer!

She didn't write that herself! She may have added an idea or a sentence or two but that's it! What she DID do.... was rehearse!

Is there a real anchor out there who might bring up the fact that this was nothing but a piece of well-polished SHOW Business? Come On, Do Your Jobs!

America's First Stepford Wife serves as a perfect example of a "good, little woman, Texas-style" - don't disagree, don't have an opinion, or speak up at all; unless you're going to be flirty and cute! How well she does it! Laura, who used to be an educator, has even gone so far as to tout her husband's careless, deeply flawed, under-funded, "teach-to-the-test" national education program!

Recent research has revealed that although student victims of "No Child Left Behind" in Texas can polly-parrot answers to test questions, they cannot problem solve. Gee, the abilities to analyse, process information, and problem solve are the basic skills necessary to the foundation of a questioning, educated mind. Thinking for one's self, creativity, maturity, and independence soon follow.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!.........The President's "No Child Left Behind," operates as a training program intended to produce a mindless, obedient population. The unquestioning masses from the Dumb Down School will do what they are told - whether that be: to shoulder the tax burden, swell the ranks of the military and/or support American Global Domination. Nourished on slogans, the only desire of these students, like those of Hitler Youth, will be for a pat on the head from the Fuhrer.

We can thank Laura, as well, for being dedicated to setting the clock centuries back on women's, and children's issues. We can thank Laura for being silent about war and religious tolerance, and now, we can thank Laura for being condescendingly cute. Maybe, when she learns to respect herself, and others, I will gain some respect for her; but for now - she is an embarrasment.

Laura Bush Makes Me Want to Spew!
.................Kitchen Window Woman


Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Laura is a skank that married up. She doesn't have enough of a mind to come up with anything witty-she was never meant to. She was meant to do exactly what she does-nothing. Instead of sitting around in a trailer smoking cigarettes all day and watching soaps, she sits around the White House smoking cigarettes and having her ass wiped by the staff. Probably doesn't even have to change the channels herself.

12:57 PM  

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