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Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's Official, the Speed Limit is 55 and So Am I !

I was born on Mother's Day, on a Sunday in Detroit, 55 years ago.....so was Stevie Wonder. Happy Birthday to us, Stevie! I am always telling people, "you can take the girl out of Motown but you can't take the Motown out of the girl."

I am enjoying myself today with my family. Calls and e-mails have come in from friends and relatives around the country. There was even a tuneful, long-distance birthday serenade over the phone (no, it wasn't Stevie). Yesterday, my close friend took me to lunch. Boy, I am spoiled!

Further birthday indulgence today will include the next post which will be in the "Tiny Bubbles" form.

55 - hmmmmmmm.............! I plan to put my years and wisdom to use. I promise to continue to speak up and speak out frequenty. I have always been propaganda-resistant and plan to use what I know to innoculate others to think for themselves. This is still a democracy and there are many discussions that need to be on the table.

"They Say it's My Birthday"........
....Kitchen Window Woman...


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