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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Flag-Draped Secrecy

Oh say can you see? Well, we can now! Forced by the Freedom of Information Act, the Pentagon has released photo images of flag-draped coffins taken since the Bush wars began in Afghanistan in 2001. The secreted photos were taken by military photographers because all news media is banned from doing so. The ban was put in place "to respect the privacy of families of dead soldiers," said the Pentagon, demonstrating new-found respect and concern for military families.

The military, masters of muddle, managed to include among the hundreds of war-dead coffin photos, similar images of the remains of the Columbia space shuttle astronauts. The flag-wrapped coffin photos were also not labeled as to location or date.

Even more peculiar, is the Pentagon's protection of the military personnel who are present in the coffin photos. The faces and name tags of military pall bearers and funeral ceremony attendees were blurred out of "privacy concerns." Hmmmmm-mmmmmm-mmmm...................??? Ironic, when you consider that George W. Bush, like many past leaders who have had military fixations and global aspirations (Hitler comes to mind), uses soldiers in uniform as a backdrop for many of his speeches. The faces of service members who form the camoflague curtain behind George are not blurred, nor are their name tags! How is it that they have names and faces when they appear to be supporting the President, but their names and faces are obscurred when they are honoring their dead comrades-in-arms?

There was a military slang term that was used back when I was in the Army during the Vietnam conflict. I think it applies in todays' climate of pre-emptive war. The phrase "getting over on" describes many actions of the Bush administration. The Pentagon is trying "to get over on us" with this BS about privacy concerns. The fact is they are afraid that the American public will be sickened by photo imagery that dipicts the REALITY of war. Those in the business of war are desperate to control all visual and verbal information about this one. Let's face it folks, the Pentagon's PG rated, Pollyanna version of the Iraq war, is playing right now, on your favorite news station.

It's time to take a good look at those coffins covered in flags. Then add the hundeds of thousands of dead Iraqi men, women and children to the picture. What a nightmarish image it makes - this horror of a war forged by falsehood!

If this war is so good why hide the photos and the faces?
.................Kitchen Window Woman............................


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Interested. Keep Blogging!

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