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Monday, April 18, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

Corporate Christian, George W. Bush asks, What would Jesus Do?"


This is what our Compassionless Christian President does.......He supports the export of American jobs (especially to China where his family has personal business interests), continues to lie about the "sinkhole of death and dollars war" he started in Iraq, consistantly promotes legislation that is destructive to the dwindling middle class, is indifferent to poverty-stricken Americans but attentive to every corporate whim, is cutting funding to faith-based soup kitchens that feed millions of jobless, hungry Americans every day, is drastically slashing programs that children, the disabled, the elderly, and our veterans depend on, and in the manner of a true meglomaniac, is planning to raid Syria, Iran, and Social Security.

What would Jesus do if he were here today?

Jesus as a honest, decent, compassionate, tolerant, humanitarian would stand against George W. Bush, his neo-con regime, and the Christian right!

.............Kitchen Window Woman


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