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Monday, April 18, 2005

Tiny Bubbles...........

Ironically, people in Appalachia are eating again thanks to The Atkins Diet. The low-carb diet fad has been abandoned by America's trend addicts. Warehouses bulging with uneaten Atkins Nutritional bars, shakes, and breakfast mixes, were emptied onto trucks headed for food banks in economically depressed mountain communties. Atkins diet foods instead of staving off pounds, are now staving off hunger. "They'll sure keep your belly button from rubbing your backbone." The Atkins donations are a positive and compassionate act BUT come-on America........how about some real food to STOP HUNGER IN AMERICA!!!

I love this quote and nod to Molly Ivans, a true-blue Texan, who used it to conclude her April 14 editorial entitled, April 15: You're Getting Screwed..........
"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justifiction for selfishness." .........economist, John Kenneth Galbraith

This quote is from OP-ED Columnist and one of my heros, Paul Krugman, of The New York Times, who was addressing the health care crisis in America, "The United States has the most privitized, competitive health care system in the advanced world; it also has by far the highest costs, and close to the worst results."

Just a few "Tiny Bubbles" from..................
..........................Kitchen Window Woman


Blogger jennifer said...

We must be on the same wavelength with this one. I just finished a poem about hunger in America and just how discriminatory the "recommended daily allowances" are for people who cannot afford to buy decent food. I am a dutiful insomniac in part because I have major anxiety problems due to the facts of my life: a. car is dead. b. can't get to work without car. c.no work no income nor insurance for me or my family d. no income, no ability to pay rent, buy food etc. etc. etc.
I write to try and allieviate some of that anxiety but also to try and shed light onto that which many would prefer to see exclusively as a concrete, either/ or issue. I believe the hipocrisy in American politics is such a dehumanizing lie-based practice that the word "morality" can't contain how viral it is. People may choose to believe that we live in a society where everyone truly has equal access to everything but nothing is further from the truth. The mere fact that I have computer and internet access means I have a certain privilege, a certain economic and racial privilege over other women/mothers who are probably up this hour working for someone who may not ever really have to work a day in their lives. I would like to find words to truly address this. Below is the poem I mentioned. It is a very tired but honest attempt.
This is it:

The new dietary guidelines make devils of the poor
Those who fear their children obese from eating too much fast food
are not those who shop along the color schemes of canned
and powdered
frostbitten, wormy, pesticide ridden, "food" overflowing with preservatives
No one argues about this though
They assume that the translations and the pictures make perfectly clear
what is healthy and what isn't
They maintain that such distinctions are not a matter of cost
and those that are, aren't "ours" to draw.

Like a trainwreck
I could not avert my eyes or pretend not to hear
as they pulled aside a young mother in the hall
of my son's elementary school
Detained and cornered, she stared at them like a caged animal
They spoke very clearly
very slowly to her
as if speaking to a child

They came armed with flow charts
and plastic fruit
pointing to the wonderful images of fresh fruits
fresh vegetables
choice cuts of meat, fish and lean dairy
"Sweets: Very little" They emphasized again and again.
She nodded. Her child hung his head, burrowing into her.

The new medicaid guidelines were mentioned and papers thrust into her deflecting hands.

The guidance counselor smiled, "See she understands."

The child welfare officer patted himself on the back.

The school nurse didn't bother to look up from her paperwork
as she handed a form to the principal
Who in turn, had the mother sign for the information she'd received
So that the legislator can now rest assured
and report back to his constituents
His budget cuts will do what others couldn't:
"Keep welfare mothers from collecting tax-payer money for sitting at home and having more children."

2:23 AM  

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