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Saturday, April 23, 2005

"The Persecuted" Have Access

Only sworn political supporters are permitted to attend George W. Bush’s public performance art events (speeches and rallies). Even his mock town meetings are vetted to exclude anyone who might ask a real question (Subversives!), or perhaps disagree with him (Terrorists!). The “staged-spontaneous” sessions are limited to such challenging dribble as, “Excuse me Mr. President, when you fell off you bike did you think it was a terrorist attack?

Only the “Persecuted” have direct phone access to The White House. The following “Persecuted ” Christian Right organizations are “SO PERSECUTED” that they have weekly conference calls with senior advisors like Karl Rove, or even, The Big W, himself:

The Family Research Council……president – Tony Perkins

Focus on Family……founder – James C. Dobson

The Southern Baptist Convention……lobbyist/leader – Rev. Richard Land

Coral Ridge Ministries……founded by Dominionist, D. James Kennedy

Only these “Persecuted” both advise and pressure the President to impose their brand of theocratic totalitarianism on all Americans.

Only “Persecuted Christianslike Tony Perkins are afforded conspiratory meetings with Congressional leaders to discuss plans that involve stripping funds from targeted American courts like….say…..The U.S. 9 th Circuit Court of Appeals

When you think of wolves, think of the Christian Right hiding under a cloak of Persecution. When you think of “the persecuted”, think of Darfor.

Beware the wolf stalking America

…………….Kitchen Window Woman


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