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Friday, April 15, 2005

Papa's Got A Brand New Uke

The uke stork (UPS) made a delivery to our house at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, April the 5th. The well padded brown box was opened several hours later when Catfish returned home from work.

The room was silent with expectation as he carefully opened the box and unwrapped it's contents. When he lifted out the small soprano ukulele it was evident that that the beautiful new baby had been hand-crafted by a master. Dave Means, the magical uke maker, is not only a master craftsman, he is an artist.

Having an artistic bent myself, I have enjoyed feasting my eyes on the on the handsome newbie as well as my ears. The pattern and color of the Grade AAAA Curly Koa used to form the body of the little soprano seem to radiate with warmth in the light. Abalone inlay around the edge of the body and outlining the sound hole give an iridescent highlight to the instrument. The Mother of Pearl letters that spell out "Catfish" on the ebony fingerboard add a touch of ukulele class to the beautiful baby. The bridge and the tuning peg buttons are also fashioned of ebony. This small stringed wonder is not only an instrument with exceptional tone it is also a work of art.

Thanks to Dave Means for such a lovely addition to our musical family. Catfish has been playing the new beauty and singing "I'll See You in MY Dreams" (one of my favorite songs).......What more could one ask for? Happiness is a brand new baby uke!

Papa's Got A Brand New UKE!
...........Kitchen Window Woman

p.s. I would have written this sooner but life has been busy and a little crazy lately....KWW


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