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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Veterans For Peace Chained to White House Fence

Veterans For Peace has done what Americans everywhere should do...

Take it to the White House - Take it to the streets!

Obama has escalated these wars and began new ones in Pakistan and Yeman. He is NOT what he passed himself off to be during the campaign. He is every bit as much a war waging profiteer as members of the Bush Clan. Obama believes in Empire - his actions have exposed his true values. He has turned his face toward the conservative corporate power structure while showing his back to the majority of the people in this country. FACE US OBAMA!

Americans need to wake up and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the destruction that the armies of the corporate "We the People" have visited upon innocent, defenseless people all over the world.

The American economy is in the toilet because of the money wasted on the war machine. These wars are the Elephant in the room.

Want to save money? Want to bring down the deficit? Then...

No money for war! No tax cuts for billionaires! No money for Israel!

Take Heed - Veterans For Peace has a powerful message.
Take Action - Stop the War Machine!

Thank You to all of my Veterans For Peace sisters and brothers who took part in this action. You have done your country proud.

.......Wage Peace........
Kitchen Window Woman

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