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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Koko's Earth Control - A Timely Metaphor

Name the Puppy Dog... I see this cartoon from 1934 (during Hitler's rise to power) as a metaphor for the global situation we face today. The little dog represents any one of the multitude of IRRESPONSIBLE leaders, neoconservatives, teabaggers, and CEO's who are endangering all life on this planet.

For instance... the little dog is - Glen Beck while dizzy with power, or Netanyahu starting a war against Iran because Israel is above International law, or Newt Gingrich feeling spurned because we won't accept his supposed genius , or...

Let's put all the selfish, naughty little dogs in timeout - they are not grown up enough to run the world.

War is a game created and played by disconnected children. They need become responsible adults or be forced out.

Kitchen Window Woman

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