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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Back in 2002 and 2003, the Bush Administration and the neocon duel citizen Israeli/Americans, who had worked their way into powerful Defense Department and cabinet positions, were successful in twisting the 9/11 attacks in New York into the illegal invasion of Iraq. This action was part of an ongoing plan to advance American Empire while growing Israel's dominance over Middle East.

The following words were spoken by at the beginning of the
second American war against Iraq by one such Israeli/American, Richard Perle, Senior Adviser to then President George W. Bush.

"The greatest triumph of the Iraq War is the destruction of the evil of international law".

Why would an American Jew be so gleeful over the destruction of international law? The Nazis, who committed grievous crimes against European Jews, were tried for war crimes and sentenced to death under international law. Perhaps, it was all part of a plan to override international laws and treaties so that America and Israel could commit crimes against humanity with impunity.

This is The Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week. Please view the embedded video.

I am appalled that my tax money is going to Israel. American dollars built the terrible Apartheid Wall. American dollars are used to remove Palestinians from their homes, businesses, and farms, to torture, and to finance illegal weapons that are used during Israeli land grabs and to punish civilians.

I have seen the Israeli propaganda machine at work over the years, every time a reporter questions the use of American tax dollars. The officials all answer the with the same lines... "We don't use American tax dollars against the Palestinian Terrorists, we build schools for our children, and provide for the poor Jewish immigrants from all over the world to settle. We construct new hospitals and roads, after all, we are a poor and struggling people who SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST.

Israelis should pay for their JEWS ONLY roads and the illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land with their own shekels. Meanwhile, I would like to see international sanctions leveled against Israel until it recognizes the rights of the Palestinian People. Israel should also be forced to pay reparations just like the Germans were made to do, for the damage and death they have caused,
and return stolen property to its rightful owners.

Americans are out of work, hungry, homeless, and suffering for lack of medical care. I want to spend my tax dollars on helping my family, friends, and neighbors. Israel does not need or deserve American money any longer. It has abused the funds and free military equipment we've provided. The Zionist State of Israel is not ENTITLED to our hard earned money!

Victims of war crimes do not have the right to use their victimization as an excuse for crimes against others.

Mr. Netanyahu... TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!

Let's help the Palestinian people just like we have helped, f
or over 60 years, the Jewish people.

......Tidings and Peace.....
...Kitchen Window Woman...



Blogger moderate said...

Amen, Sis...

4:37 AM  
Blogger Sweet Repose said...

I'm totally with ya there sista!!!

6:13 AM  

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