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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah - You and Joe Six-Pack Don't Understand - It is The "Constitution First" - NOT "Country First"

An Angry White Man and a Self-Centered White Female - Whatta Terrifying Combo - Geez!

Let's begin with the fact that it is NOT and NEVER has been, "COUNTRY FIRST" here in The United States of America. That silly slogan heralds the Bush Administration's trillion dollar American tax-payer financed war against the nationalization of Iraqi oil fields. The oil fields in Iraq, instead of belonging to the Iraqi people, have recently been returned to the privatized control of American and European corporate interests. It has taken over thirty-five years, but congrats to Shell Oil, its lobbyists in D.C., and its overseas operations.

Most of us have known her type since we were children. Some of us learned about her by watching her operate and others grew to know her after being victims of her obsession. We are not blinded by her dazzling facade; we are instead, repulsed. She exists for audience and adoration and will do anything to advance her all consuming cause - herself. She has never been, nor will she ever be, one of us. Sarah Palin is all about Sarah Palin no less, but always wanting more.

Her addiction started in infancy as it did for generations of her sister types. Each baby daughter coo, smile, successful attempt at walking, word uttered, and first BM in the potty brings brings a guaranteed round of applause and encouragement from parents and caretakers. She's so pretty, so cute, so smart, and definitely an unprecedented, very special, one of a kind. It was during her infancy, that Sarah stopped growing emotionally. Trapped by her ever expanding need for the spotlight, she learned to focus on obtaining fix after fix of attention. During this time, her developing intellect was limited forever to the skills needed to secure her center stage position. Many seeds planted in life's garden grow and bear fruit. Unfortunately, for all of us, Sarah, like her brother, George W., were planted in the same narcissistic row where their competitive, compulsive behaviors were able to thrive unabated.

Sarah of the pageant wave. Sarah trained to dance around "gotcha questions" deemed far too expository or unimportant to address by pageant, and debate trainers alike. Her thrust is to use her vagina and breasts like a passport to garner the "our bodies, ourselves" votes. Sarah who mainlines accomplishments, and Sarah, who wants to "I am one of you" her way to the Presidency needs to learn that we sisters, mothers, and grandmothers, who have fought for freedom and our families for generations, do not seek her shallow representation. Her pretty face, sexual organs, and down-home byline do not impress us, but her selfish motives do.

Religion is a matter of choice. What we do with our bodies, how we live our lives, and which spiritual path upon which we each decide to embark, are all matters of individual choice. Sarah Palin made an individual choice. She chose to join and advance the beliefs championed by those who claim to speak for "America's only GOD". Sarah Palin chose to join the American Taliban who are the flipside of the radical Muslims in Afghanistan. The notorious Taliban share the same monotheistic religious beliefs, need for total dominance, and demand, along with the equally radical American Christian Right, that their religious rules must be obeyed by all.

Sarah is not curious about other cultures and people, does not respect those who are different from herself, nor does she concern herself with inclusiveness or tolerance. Sarah manufactures her own truths and has limited her human development by adhering to a reckless diet of competition in pursuit of legacy.

While she seeks to win her biggest race, her biggest pageant ever.... we can all see that her world view suffers from a lack of diversity. She suffers severe mental and emotional constipation.
Sarah, you are not one of us. You claim America for "Joe Six-Pack" and his wife, (who is a wannabe you.) What you don't realize, Sarah, is that "Joe Six-Pack "and his long-suffering wife have determined the events of last eight years.

The "Six-Packs" voted for your counterpart, George W. Bush - TWICE! We are in an unnecessary war (which you never protested), trillions of dollars of debt, and currently a financial disaster that threatens to destroy our entire democratic nation. We cannot afford any longer to allow Joe Sixer and his spouse to determine the fate of America's future. Been there - Done that - NO MORE!

The answer does not lie in Alaska, nor in you. It lies battered and bruised in our Constitution .
The slogan that was chosen by your running mate's operatives is all wrong. It is not "COUNTRY FIRST" - it is ,and always has been THE CONSTITUTION FIRST! Otherwise, you cute little dazzler you, our American Democracy will cease to exist.


You said to your child, Pvt. 1st Class Palin, 19, who recently deployed with the Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division to Iraq, and to his brigade, that they would "defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the deaths of thousands of Americans." That was a lie or a sign of pure intellectual LAZINESS on your part. Over one million two hundred thousand innocent Iraqis are dead because of people like you who were willing to kill based upon the lies of George W. Bush and his Neoconservative handlers.

You have recently stated that you would wage war against Pakistan and Russia two countries which possess real WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. I guess you must limit your reading to the unbelievable myths printed in The Star and The National Enquirer - they are known to offer large print and easy to understand, entertaining, very sensationalistic verbiage.

P.S. - PTAs at many schools across America do not have enough active volunteers. The Sarah types have driven caring, talented parents away. After all, it's all about Sarah and her sister types - all of the time.

Let's send this selfish creature back to Alaska,
...............Kitchen Window Woman.................


Blogger betmo said...

well said.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Robert Rouse said...

And last night after Palin said the Veep office should have even more power, Biden schooled her on the Constitution. It was brilliant!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the gimmickry of dragging that poor little baby around at all hours is unforgivable. that baby is being used as a political prop. I am not the only one to notice this. (wink wink)
gosh darn it, can't the Palin's afford a nanny? (wink wink)
you bethca, they can (wink wink)


7:45 PM  
Blogger deuddersun said...

Great Post Sister, and said with the authority that can only come from another woman. I have been dancing around doing a post against Sarah Barracuda, but Mags has warned me about looking too brutish. My reply has been, "Look, the woman is running for the Vice Presidency. It's time for her to pull on her big girl panties and take the heat." Still, Mags has a point...awww, wot the hell, I'm gonna do it anyway...


7:27 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I don't think it was necessarily well said but it was one heck of a rant on my part.

Robert Rouse...
Palin is real scary. She could care less about the Constitution. She and her church mates want total power over everyone in this country.

Sarah is a greedy little girl. She could care less about her kids.

Mags is right. Let us grown-up women handle this. "Big Girl Panties" tee hee hee!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Mounia said...

I totally agee with you[: I enjoyed every sentence, haha. I think your one of those people who have slammed every confused feeling of repulsion against sarah palin into a well-written essay that makes sense- something Sara Palin does not have.

6:32 AM  

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