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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hillary Doesn't Get It - WAR IS A WOMEN'S ISSUE

War is the number one women's issue world wide.
Women and children comprise 80% of the collateral damage that results from the wars that are being waged daily all over the world. Women and their children are victims of bombs, bullets, rape and other forms of sexual violence, psychological trauma, starvation, displacement, and the damaging effects of DU-depleted uranium, the radioactive poison which is used extensively by the United States to coat its bullets, missiles and bombs.

WAR IS A WOMEN'S ISSUE. There are very few women in the world who do not suffer from the cycle of endless wars. Directly or indirectly, the fallout of armed conflict impacts or alters the lives women in every country. War is akin to the domestic violence that destroys families from the inside out. It destroys from the outside in. Just as women have worked feverishly to break the cycle of domestic violence, they must now work with equal determination to break the cycle of war.

WAR IS THE WOMAN'S ISSUE THAT HILLARY CLINTON DOESN'T GET. The woman who wants to be America's first female president has consistently supported the use of force and the continued funding, development, and use of some of the most cruel and destructive conventional weapons used in modern warfare. DU, cluster bombs, and land mines have been in the Clinton arsenal ever Bill was president, and remain there to this day, despite Hillary's sudden conversion to an "end-the-war now" candidate.

Since WAR IS A WOMEN'S ISSUE, let's look at Hillary Clinton's history as a pro-war HAWK. Most famously, back in March of 1999 when Senator Clinton was our nation's First Lady, she pressured her husband, the president, to bomb Yugoslavia. Military interventions soon became a habit for the co-presidential couple. Along with Yugoslavia, the Clintons involved US forces in the affairs of Afghanistan, Columbia, Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, the Sudan, and Iraq.

Weapons laced with
Depleted Uranium were used in Kosovo and are still in use in Afghanistan and Iraq leaving all three countries contaminated with radioactive poison. Military service members and civilians have been in constant contact with the highly toxic dust. Despite an epidemic of cancers and severe birth defects in newborns, the American and British militaries continue to use DU in their various wars. Depleted Uranium has a half life of 4.5 billion years which makes it a forever killer and an invisible form of genocide.

Senator Clinton was finally forced by sick veterans to call for medical tests for our soldiers who have been exposed to DU (many vets are still waiting for testing) however, the Senator has done nothing to STOP the use of DEPLETED URANIUM, America's WMD of choice.

Senator Clinton also voted against a ban on cluster bombs and munitions. Think of a cluster bomb as a pregnant shell that delivers a litter of tiny grenades over a large area. Cluster bomblets scatter everywhere - gardens, roof tops, school yards, farm fields, markets, and under cars. It doesn't matter if the duds don't explode right away. They often remain hidden for years before being detonated by an unsuspecting civilian. Cluster explosives are very effective weapons of terror when used against civilian populations. Women and children are the primary victims. Senator Barack Obama gets it - WAR IS A WOMEN'S ISSUE. He voted in favor of the ban.

Hillary voted with the pack on October 11th, 2002 not once, but twice. First she voted against the "Multilateral Use of Force Authorization" put forth by Michigan's Democratic Senator, Carl Levin, and then she voted with the neoconservatives for the Iraq War Resolution which authorized "the decider" to start an illegal war. Hillary Clinton voted as an ambitious politician, not as woman who respects, and values the lives of others. "If I knew than what I know now" is one hell of an unacceptable excuse in the face of the massive suffering that has been caused by the illegal
war against Iraq. Lately, she's been re-writing history by twisting the truth about the Iraq War Amendment.

WAR IS A WOMAN'S ISSUE but the corporateers who make up America's Military Industrial Security Complex view WAR AS A MONEY ISSUE, and so does Hillary Clinton. Is it any wonder that the weapons industry has turned away from Republican candidates to offer large sums of money to Democratic pro-war honey, Hillary? Sadly, she took blood money contributions from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon while the taxpayers continue to pay $720 million dollars a day to poison a country and kill people.

WAR IS A WOMAN'S ISSUE. Echoing George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton threatened, "Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price." She, like the current "war president", is a deliverer of ultimatums - negotiations are off the table She likes nukes, too! War brings suffering and death. Hillary just doesn't get it! War is the Anti-life.

because in large numbers we are the ones whose hearts break, whose family members are killed or maimed, whose homes and fields are destroyed, and whose lives are lost all due to the violent actions of others.
Women bring life into the world. We are the keepers of the hearth. We love. We are nurturers. We grow children. We teach our children to respect one another, to problem solve, and to negotiate. We do not teach them to steal. We do not teach them to kill. We do not invent ways to kill other people.

Women need change. Women want change. Many women are working to make that change happen by ending militarism and the cycle of war that goes with it. It is up to us to select leaders who take into account the lives and interests of women everywhere. BARACK OBAMA GETS IT! He has worked toward change. He voted against the war that has preemptively ended over one million lives. I will cast my vote for Obama.

*Note - I haven't slept well since George W. Bush was appointed president. I have dreaded every day during his two terms for each dawn brought more destruction and less freedom. I will not rest with Hillary in the White house. I do not trust her. She will go to war.

The time to "tear up"( if that is a ploy one uses) is before the bombs are dropped.
.......Hell No Hillary !........

...Kitchen Window Woman...

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Blogger Anon-Paranoid said...

Another incident in Iraq where soldiers broke into a house and shot and killed the residents.

A father and son along with the mother a young child and two other girls were shot.

The father, son, mother and child died in the house. The other two woman\girls were taken to the hospital where one of them died this morning.

Witnesses said they were shot and had done nothing wrong.

Under Der Fuhrer Bush our military is becoming like the Nazi's killing anyone they think is a problem to them. No different than Blackwater's murders of woman and children.

They are becoming more and more guilty of War Crimes everyday we are there.

And yes Hillary doesn't get it.

God Bless.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I am very sorry to hear about yet another family murdered but I am not surprised. I have spent the last number of days delving more deeply into America's manufacture, use of, and effects of DU, white phosphorus, cluster bombs and munitions, and land mines.

The economic stats $$$$ are disgusting (especially when Americans are in need) and I have seen dozens of photos that would make your hair curl. What Americans are doing to people in other countries is beyond criminal - its horrific!

Senator Clinton is in the pocket of the arms industries that profit from murder - a women who supports using cluster bombs is a sick creature indeed! Did you know that cluster bombs were invented by the Nazis?

3:52 PM  
Blogger PoliShifter said...

The reason I favor Obama over Hillary at this point is exactly this reason.

It's bad enough we are already a war-like culture.

It's bad enough that about the only thing we export are weapons systems and high tech war machines.

It's bad enough that we spend more on the military than every other nation in the world combined.

I do fear Hillary would keep us in Iraq..just a few years more...ya know, just to make sure. And I do fear that she would, ya know, not take any options off the table with repsect to Iran...it worries.

Hillary only recently said she would actively work to get the troops out of Iraq, 'in a safe orderly manner' over the first two years.

Her previous stance was that she would get all the troops out...by the end of her first term...

I don't have any reason to believe Obama when he says he would get our troops out.

But I also don't have any reason NOT to believe him. Whereas with Hillary, I have plenty of reasons NOT to believe or trust her including her vote on Kyle-Lieberman, her vote for the invasion/occupation of Iraq, and her changing stance on Iraq depending on the mood of the country.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

Fine, fine post, KWW! When I think of the billions and billions of dollars that flew to the Middle East I get disheartened. When I think of our freedoms and civil liberties lost, I get angry. But when I think of brave women like you who keep on writing, I get re-energized. I am one of the now-important Texas voters who'll vote for the candidate who's more anti-war, Obama. I'll be back. Hang in there, and I will, too.

6:52 PM  
Blogger redpill8 said...

"Sen. Barack Obama said Friday the use of military force should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which he called 'a threat to all of us.'"


Iran, a "threat to us all"? Now maybe Obama is just pandering to AIPAC, but maybe he is just pandering to us too. The problem with Obama (and all the top tiered candidates) is that he is fully on board with the phony "war on terror." He doesn't want to stop the war, he just wants to fight it more efficiently by pulling many, but not all, of the troops from Iraq, and redeploying them to other "hot spots" like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Obama also sponsored of the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act which will make the Iranian people suffer for their refusal to give up their civilian nuclear program.


I would like to believe Obama is what he says he is but, unfortunately, his rhetoric and the people he surrounds himself with (his advisors) are going to give us more of the same, albeit with a friendlier face.

The global war of terrorism must go on.

12:28 PM  
Blogger deuddersun said...

Excellent post KWW. I was an Edwards supporter, now...

I don't really like either Clinton or Obama, but I definitely like either of them better than McCain, or anyone the Republi-cons may run. This includes Bloomberg.


7:09 AM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

KWW, just dropped by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, my blog friend. Your words have enriched my life for quite some time now. Regards, Carol

8:10 AM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I agree with all of what you have written here. Hillary Clintons's work is already known. She has shown us how she operates and she has earned our mistrust.

Thus far, Obama has inspired almost by default because he is not as mired in the corporate cesspool and the weapons industry as is Hillary Clinton.

Carol Gee...
I am not any braver than you are, Carol. You are writing and educating all of the time, and that is what is needed. I know how much work you put into it. You are one brave, dedicated Texas woman!

We will be watching the Texas and Ohio primaries with interest - and probably holding our breaths. I like you, have thrown in behind the candidate "who is more anti-war" - Barak Obama.

Thanks for the links, I checked them out. I know that Barak Obama is not the perfect candidate, as he has put his toe into the corporate waters, but I far prefer him to Hillary Clinton for the reasons that I have written about. I think that he is by far the better choice for president.

I liked Edwards too, but was still kind of watching. I knew that I didn't want Hillary Clinton in the running a long time ago. I think McCain will make mincemeat out of the Clintons. I don't care for Bloomberg either.

Obama has a lot more going for him than Hillary does. Her kind of "experience" is a rerun of a rerun of the kind we don't need - been there done that!

CArol Gee...
Thanks for the holiday wishes. You are too kind. We had a lovely time here. I hope that you had an enjoyable day as well.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, girls and boys,
you've got them both, Obama and Hillary in one packet. Nice gift.
Happy Valentine day.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. Former Czech president Havel called the bombardment of Belgrade
"humanitarian bombardment"

6:51 AM  

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