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Monday, January 28, 2008


On Sunday, January 27th, one day before George W. Bush's last State of the Union Address, 58 patriotic Americans gathered together on a corner in Carmel Valley, CA to mark six months of ENOUGH protests at that location. The one hour protest was followed by a lively reception given by the president of San Diego's Veterans for Peace Chapter 91 and his wife.

Both sides of the street at a very busy intersection were lined with dedicated patriots from 1:00 o'clock until 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon during which hundreds of passing cars honked or flashed peace signs in support. Then all adjourned for good company, intelligent conversation, and good food. It was wonderful!

The holiday whirlwind and several bouts of colds and flu had left my spouse and I slowed down and weary. Yesterday's events however, proved to be so positive and inspirational, that we came away energized. It was an auspicious occasion as well, considering that the sun broke through the clouds and held the predicted thunder storm at bay while we exercised our right to dissent. The protesters averted pneumonia and kept their signs dry, too!

We've all had more than ENOUGH of Bush, Cheney, and their war.

*Note to Vets - Please explore Veterans For Peace or Iraq Veterans Against The War - Join Us. We Need You!

Exercise your rights.
If you don't use 'em you may lose 'em!
Kitchen Window Woman

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