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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rape and Preemptive Impeachment

I heard national security advisor, Stephen Hadley's statement on National Public Radio while I was driving home the other day. I found it sad and most disturbing.

"The president believes that we must remember the clearest lesson of Sept. 11: that the United States of America must confront threats before they fully materialize. The president's strategy affirms that the doctrine of preemption remains sound and must remain an integral part of our national security strategy," the delusional Hadley stated. "If necessary, the strategy states, under long-standing principles of self defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack."

So sad...if the neocon government of George W. Bush is allowed to continue this policy of thinly masked aggression against other countries, many more innocent will suffer as a result, and many more will die. It is disturbing because the president and his advisors have learned nothing from the failure of a foreign policy based on the bullying tactics of preemptive warfare.

Bush's 2006 release of the 49-page National Security Strategy" is a rehash of the "Bush Doctrine." The "Bush Doctrine" was itself a rehash of 1992's controversial "Defense Planning Guidence." The 1992 document, better known as the "Wolfowitz Doctrine", was authored by neoconservative members of PNAC, Paul Wolfowitz and I. Scooter Libby. The policies outlined by the authors are based on an aggressive unilateralism perpetuated and supported by preemptive military action. It is the "do unto others before they do unto you so you can get what you want" kind of foreign policy usually practiced by despots and thugs.

The word "preempt" means "to appropriate, or take for oneself before others: to preempt the choicest cut of meat". Other definitions include: to gain possession of or occupy (land) in order to establish a prior right or opportunity, to take the place of; displace, and to have precedence or predominance over.

Years ago I was raped. RAPE is preemptive sexual intercourse. The rapist, not wanting to face noncompliance from the targeted receptacle for his sperm, defends himself from rejection by rationalizing prior right. He is horny and believes that he has a right to relieve his sexual tension. He sees his sexual target as the source of his tension. Therefore, he labels his target as "bad". Thus empowered, he takes preemptive action by forcibly occupying the "bad" person's body and using it to his advantage.

The Bush Administration RAPED Iraq three years ago. It is still waging an unwinnable war of occupation and has plundered America continually to finance its' aggressive habits.

It is quite simple for America to commit RAPE against other nations under the Wolfowitz/Bush Doctrine. Self-defense is (always) claimed (remember Hitler claimed self-defense when he invaded/raped Poland). It is only necessary to provide a rational or justifiable excuse: just fill-in-the-blank. Let's see, Iraqi's were responsible for 9/11, ahhh...Saddam Hussein is linked to Al-Qaeda, uhmmm...he has missles,...how about...weapons of mass destruction? Yeah, that's it! Just write WMD on the excuse line...

We could expand the use of preemptive strategies into our homes and communities. Preemptive discipline for our children would involve punishment before they break a plate, talk back, or flunk a test. How about ticketing sportcar drivers beforehand because they might speed? We can arrest and jail fellow citizens before they question the Fuhrer or speak the truth - just like did in Nazi Germany. We will be protecting our fatherland. Preemption.... hmmm.

There is only one very positive use of preemption...PREEMPTIVE IMPEACHMENT!

Last week, Congress raised the national debt ceiling to $9 trillion. American manufacturing and middle class jobs have been outsourced. Citizens are homeless and hungry. The treasury has been plundered and Bush intends to make permanent the "temporary tax cuts" that benefit only a handful of privileged. America is broke. Our grandchildren face a future of labor at slave wages and a burden of trillions of dollars of debt. Their future is one of RAPE.

We MUST defend ourselves to prevent this feckless, cavalier administration from the further destruction of our nation and its people. The PREEMPTIVE IMPEACHMENT of President George W. Bush will prevent three more years of human carnage and financial devastation.

Just think of it as RAPE PREVENTION!
........Kitchen Window Woman...........


Blogger Elder Faery said...

I am sorry you were raped. I've just posted a very angry post on my 'blog' about..well..I cannot even say the word in the same sentence that I inhabit. I was educated by your post. Again I am in deep sorrow and wailing collectively..I am sorry that you were raped. Sending you blessings and love and light...it all sounds rather ineffectual...but it is an offering nevertheless.

6:29 PM  

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