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Friday, June 17, 2005

Somebody Needs To Say It - They Died For Nothing

The propaganda began immediately after George W. Bush was sworn in for his first term, in January of 2000. Small two and three paragraphed blips began appearing in the back pages of the big city conservative rag that passes for a newspaper in the corner of Southern California where I live. Once or twice a week, regularly, the small articles vilified Saddam Hussein. I thought it strange since not much attention had been paid to Saddam Hussein in the years prior to George W. Bush's being elected president. The news from Iraq had centered instead on the Sanctions and the deaths of thousands of Iraqi children due to malnutrition and the lack of medicine.

Suddenly, it was all about Saddam yet the only thing that had changed was the American president. "Saddam is a really bad guy who still rules in Iraq....." and the next paragraph would describe the wrong doing. "Hussein was a worse monster than anyone ever imagined", an article several days later would proclaim. "We really have to do something about this Saddam guy"....the next little propagandistic blip would urge.

I call this propaganda technique "seeding". Barely noticeable seeds of information or misinformation are dropped here and there, in the media, over a long period of time. Gradually, the subject moves to mention in the mainstream media, and finally, after a heavy application of fertilizer, the plant bears political fruit which the "conditioned" public is ready to bite. And bite it did after 9/11 when the Bush Administrat
ion's Great Lie ripened into the American War on Iraq.

There were several invalid reasons for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, all of them selfish, and all for political, financial, or personal gain. Shock and Awe (when you are helping people, you do not name your action "Shock and Awe") and the on-going war have never been about the Iraqi people.....they were simply in the way: collateral damage, too unimportant to count.

Israel wanted Saddam Hussein removed from power along with any Iraqi weaponry. The military-industrial interests of the United States stood to make huge profits from the sale of everything from uniforms to weapons and gas masks. George W. had a personal reason. He had inherited the Bush family genetic predispostion for vindictiveness. George would enforce regime change upon the Iraqi people to punish Saddam for disloyality to the Bush Dynasty, correct what he saw as his father's failure to remove Saddam, and prove himself a man while doing so. This war originated in the American Neo-conservative movement who's members include Israel-first Zionists, Christian fundamentalists, those with oil interests, defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, Halliburton (building and secure the oil contracters), and bankers.

The American - Israeli attempt to dominate the entire Middle East has failed miserably, instead producing millions of angry, anti-American Arabs. Americans were told Saddam was a direct and dangerous threat to the North American continent. Americans were told that we needed to fight for our freedom over there. Lies, all lies.

During the rush into the War against Iraq, I said many times that it was an unnecessary war of choice, and that thousands of innocent people would be maimed, or die horrible deaths for nothing. American patriots along with people the world over took to the streets to stop this tragic, unjust war but Bush and the neo-cons prevailed cheered by a mass of mindless followers.

Over 1,700 American men and women have died in Iraq since Shock and Awe. Thousands more have been injured. They have lost limbs, suffer from PTSD, have killed themselves and have been reduced to life-long dependency on caretakers as the result of debilitating traumatic brain injuries.

No one seems to know how many innocent Iraqi people have been killed by this aggressive, hegemonic American war and what's worse: no one seems to care, except perhaps Al Qaeda, and the thousands of newly inspired suicide bombers throughout the Middle East.

Somebody has to say it so I am going to put it into words. They all died for NOTHING. I am a veteran. I said the same about the Vietnam war and the lies that led to so much human suffering and death. They all died for NOTHING! I do not say this to add hurt to the families who have lost a loved one. I say it because their loved ones would not have been killed if our leaders had not conspired to advance an Empire and lied to garner political support. We cannot allow this to happen again!

The best that can be said about our fallen troops is that they died to protect one another in a nightmare situation. What can we say about the Iraqi men, women, and children, who were, and are still, victims of this war?

The men and women in this administration responsible for this cycle of murder and misery must be held accountable. Impeachment is the first step supported by the evidence in the Downing Street memo. All who took part in the creation of this destructive war should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity before an international tribunal.

Somebody needs to say it so I will...They all died for NOTHING but the dreams and schemes of bad men.

...................Kitchen Window Woman..................


Blogger fred said...

They died for nothing. Ok--but it wasNOT Israel, and NOT a few Jews working in DC that started the war. It was Bush who wanted Iraq invaded two years before he became president (record now shows this), and it was CONGRESS that approved what he wanted--both parties...

Viet wrong? sure.Iraq wrong? sure...I am a vet too...were you in Nam? did you protest the war? Did you think it wrong and say so back then?

3:12 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

They did die for nothing Kitchen Window Woman. We will waste thousands and thousands of American lives fighting to control the country and ultimately we will leave after declaring a "victory" and shortly afterwards, the puppet regime will collapse to be replaced by another dictatorship. All those people died for nothing, all of them. To make it worse, Bush had to lie to get us there in the first place. He lied about wmd's and he knows it very well. That is wh yhe has secretly ordered his brainwashed fanatics to defend him.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Oh, they died for something, all right. They died (and continue to die) so El Shrubbo's patrons can line their pockets with taxpayer funds.

I'd like to see anyone find any other reason for this. Let me save the wingerbots some time-you can't. No matter how you look at The Great Patriotic War, it only "makes sense" in that context.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

They died for business, my dear friend. Died to make a few wealthy people wealthier. :-(

I'm just hoping that none of my friends or family become part of the price...

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

They died for a number of noble causes: Halliburton, Exxon, Bechtel...

2:38 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I am sorry to have taken so long to reply to the comments. The last week was busy and then there was Father's Day. I cooked two large meals, so spent much of my time in the kitchen, at my post at the sink. My ukelele playing husband seems to have enjoyed his day with all three kids in attendance, presents, AND delicious food from the kitchen of "The Chronicles."

Fred....No, I was not in Nam. I was at Ft. Sam during the war. Yes, I did protest the war....while I was in, did you? I said it was wrong back then, every chance I got, and I still do!

I saw the jars of teeth and dried up, cut-off human ears, and I am sure you did, too. I also saw some very disturbing "throphy slides" of a VC being tortured while hanging upside down from a tree with his intestines hanging over his blood-streaked face. He was screaming. Two U.S. GIs with bayonets were standin on either
side of him, smiling. Did I mention the slides were in color? I threw up.

The master sargent who showed these and many other such slides was a medical instructor at MTC. He had just returned from Vietnam and was out of his mind

Yeah, I protested, especially after a guy who's face was melted by friendly-fire napalm tried to wink at me with the one half of an eye that he had left. I had said Hello to him and not looked away. I've never forgotten. It still makes me cry.

Yes, Israel did have something to do with this war (Iraq). There is a lot of imformation about the involvement of Israel. I am sorry, but it's true. Here is a bit about several of the main Iraq War creators...of course add Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and the many other members of PNAC.

Paul Wolfowitz has been lobbying for this war on Iraq since 1979. He is closely associated with Richard Perle and Douglas Feith who are both Zionists. All three men are close to Ariel Sharon and are members of PNAC. Feith an activist for Israel, has gone so far as to state that there is no difference between the security of the U.S. and Israel, and that regime change (in Iraq) would solve the Israeli-Palestianian problem thus providing security for both U.S. and Israel. Almost as far-fetched and fanciful as Wolfowitz's expectation that American troops would be met by grateful Iraqis bearing sweets. Also as mistaken, if the recent talks between Israel and the Palestinian inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto, opps...I mean the West Bank Ghetto, are any indication

I disagree. The security of the U.S. and Israel are different and should not be intertwined given Israel's human rights violations against the Palestinians.

Feith and a man named David Wurmser are also responsible for much of the skewed intelligence about Iraq's relationship with Al Queda.

I agree that Bush wanted war but for the reasons that I have already stated.

War is a sickness especially when people lie to make it happen. There is no justification, anytime for such destructive horror. Everyone dies for nothing in a war.

Okdemocrat...I agree with you about the outcome. It's almost comical that we seem to have to declare victory, and we seem to have to win, even if it's a lie. There is no win in this mess...It is all a severe and tragic loss. Bush will be remembered for being a liar and for death, but I don't think it will bother him. Somebody will sculpt a statue to honor him and he will puff up and believe.....one can only hope
it will be fashioned from cow patties and Elmer's glue.

Jollyroger...I agree, war is always a money maker. Our kids are dying and being maimed to maintain the lifestyles of America's parasitic upper class. They don't like changes in their cages.

Chris...Please see my reply to Jollyroger....and I sincerely hope that none of your friends and family have to "Pay the Price"...Maybe if we all do all that we can to stop this...no one will have to suffer from this wrong or maybe we should send in the chickenhawks who roost in our nation's capitol.

Tom...Ah yes, the noble corporations! Halliburton...the company that will rebuild and add on to the prison at Guantanamo for a mere $30 million. Exxon the company that pays for expert misinformation about global warming and last but not least, Bechtel, the company who bought the water in the rivers from the government elite in Peru, and tried to sell it back to the indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years. The Pervian Indians were not only indigent they were irate! Bechtel profits from thirst!

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur! Saddam Hussein was a wonderful leader! It was truly a shame to see the disingenuous, imperialistic United States go into that wonderful, peace loving nation of Iraq and pillage it for oil! If only all world leaders treated their own people with the dignity, compassion, and respect for human rights that Saddam Hussein did, the world would be such a better place!

8:23 PM  

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