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Saturday, May 14, 2005

More Tiny Bubbles

Bubble #2.......Journey back to Iowa on Sept. 3rd, 2004 at a Bush rally.....Two lady school teachers in their mid-fifties were arrested and strip-searched for having a NO MORE WAR sticker on the car, and trespassing (the charges were later dropped, and they have filed a law suit). GEEZ.....as of today I AM IN MY MID-FIFTIES, TOO!

SO........Am I in danger of such a strip-search, being in my mid-fifties, political, and all? It would be traumatic, as I am a survivor of both sexual abuse during my childhood, and a rape as a young woman! SO........ if I lived in Florida, and preceived said strip-search as perverted, aggressive, bodily harm, and a danger to my life.......under Jeb Bush's new NRA-sponsered law, would I be within my rights to SHOOT anyone who was trying to violate me?...Yes?


Bubble #3.......Let's go south of Florida - to Cuba. This next one illustrates just how totalitarian we in the states have become.

Castro has taken inspiration from the Bush Administration. He has resurrected and put into use one of his older laws. Young Cubans ages 16 thru 21, are being arrested and imprisoned up to four years, for PRE-EMPTIVE DANGEROUSNESS! Sound familiar? The young Cuban prisoners have not been charged with any crime. Let's see, Bush did a PRE-EMPTIVE attack to launch his War on Terror, and many prisoners, held indefinitely by the Americans, in both the States and Guantanamo, also have no charges leveled against them (other than being Arab).

Either the human rights disease infecting the Americans at Guantanamo has multiplied and spread, or George W. Bush has been more intimate with Castro than we knew.

Cuba and the United States are trapped in the same Orwellian Nightmare!

Bubble #4......If the "Evangelical Flyboys" at the Air Force Academy in Denver end up dropping bombs over Middle Eastern targets, will they be BOMBING MUSLIMS FOR JESUS? Think about it.

55 is pretty good....I won't be washing dishes tonight.....We're going out to eat!
...........Kitchen Window Woman.........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps a cavity search would help you clear your mind?

5:19 PM  
Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Gee I hate typos....Here we go again...You poor sufferering darling...maybe, if you search your own cavity, you will find yourself....the benefit may be a mind of your own....Have a nice day, KWW

11:39 PM  

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