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Friday, May 27, 2005

More Dirty Rotten, Forgotton Easter Eggs

A few days after Easter, on March 31st, I started writing the "Dirty Dozen." The "Dirty Dozen" refers to those colorful Easter Eggs that remain hidden long after Easter is over. Some are eventually turned up because of the odor but some, like one egg hidden years ago in our house, are never found.

Two festering eggs were dedicated to that stinking, nasty Texan, Tom DeLay, several dealt with the stench surrounding the treatment of our veterans, and one, the plight of Iraqi children.

Rotten Egg # 7 is in the open and ready to read, soon to be followed by Rotten Egg # 8.

Hold your nose while you read.....
.....Kitchen Window Woman........


Blogger Abraham said...

We used to find whole chicken nests up in the hay mows filled with rotten eggs. Talk about a bad smell. Mercy.

1:54 PM  

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