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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Is It Really No More Nukes?

"We have kept the Republic", was Senator Robert Byrd's comment after fourteen moderates forged a bipartisan compromise on May 23rd. Let's celebrate the principled fourteen whose courage thwarted a hostile takeover of the Senate by the American Taliban.

The filibuster didn't get nuked but the courts are still in danger of hijack. George W. Bush, as a payback to his political supporters, has picked several unworthy candidates to sit on our higher courts.

Can a judge with a Christian fundamentalist's mindset keep their religious dogma from influencing their decisions or will he and or she model themselves after their judgemental and punishing concept of God?

A judge without the ability to separate from an adgenda of belief is not fit to make decisions on the court......

........Kitchen Window Woman...


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