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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tom DeLay....Sugar Land's Sweetie?

He Walks the Walk...............

It was several nights before the swarm of sanctimonious pecksniffs from our nation's capitol descended on Terri Shiavo. I looked up from my work and glanced at the TV. Tom DeLay was on the screen moving down a long, marbled hallway. I stared in astonishment and yelled to my husband, "oh my gosh, look at him, Tom DeLay is mincing!"

Mr. DeLay, with his plastic-looking Ken Doll hair, and pale, too taut face was holding his head so haughtily high that he resembled an aging drag queen in civies. Aloof and distant, he continued to mince all the way to the cameras.

Tom, the Mighty Cockroach Killer, appeared to be a very femme DeLay, indeed!

He Talks the Talk.............

"One thing God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo, to help us elevate the visibility of what is going on in America................" Tom DeLay - a recent rant

By help us is he referring to himself, George W. Bush, Bill First, and the GOP receiving Terri Shiavo as a gift from God to use as they please? It seems the Republican political intention was NEVER about helping Terri by honoring her wishes and protecting her rights!

How does one, "elevate visibility?" Perhaps Tom means to have God levitate America.

God was in Mussolini's thoughts as well. Benito's own words...........
"Fascism is a religious concept".

Not only is the mincing House Majority Leader at one with God, but he is "The Constitution Incarnate". Our elected official from Sugar Land, Texas, had this to say on CNN's Talk Back Live...........

"I am not a federal employee. I am a Constitutional officer. My job is the Constitution of the United States. I am not a government employee. I AM IN THE CONSTITUTION!" Dec.19, 1995

Isn't this statement an indicication of Megalomania?

Imagine how suprised the authors of The Constitution would be if they were here today. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin, and John Adams would certainly point out to the deluded Delay, that he was not in their document, and should stop doing his best to destroy it.

"I am the government".....Tom DeLay in response to an admitted government employee who told him that he could not smoke on government property. June 13, 2003

Megalomania again!

A week before the American invasion of Iraq Tom DeLay spoke to a gathering of bankers.

"Nothing is more important in the face of war than cutting taxes". March 12, 2003

I need the Aflack Duck here........Huhhhh????

WHAT ABOUT DEAD PEOPLE????????????????

Is this why our troops have to supply their own armor and are layering their Humvees with junk? Is this why returning vets are not receiving proper medical follow-up? Is this why Baghdad and all of Iraq lay in ruin with contaminated water, almost non-existant electricity, and open sewers? Tom, the Chickenhawk, sure knows how to wage war the Republican way!

Watch out for the Texas Termite!

........................Kitchen Window Woman


Blogger jennifer said...

These last two posts of yours are absolutely marvelous! I enjoyed reading them and agree completely. The fascist one was especially funny and powerful. Rock on! Or should I say, wash on? :)

Take care and keep blogging!

9:37 PM  

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