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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tiny Bubbles..........1

......that General George Washington led an army of colonial "insurgents" against the "occupation" troops of King George III of England. King George III was both the Head of the State as King of England and the Head of the
Church of England. That is why SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE was written into the Constitution by the founders of this government who had experienced the Head of State as King and as God's main man.

There was a saying in the 60's .....Don't Lay Your Trip on Other People........It can still be applied today. Watch out for the use of the word SPREAD. There is no reason to SPREAD anything! What are we slices of bread? Cheap margarine? An American disease?. A Religious Disease? To Spread is to deny others respect and tolerance.

The spreading of Democracy by force is not Democracy. It is Imperial Dominance. It is totalitarian in nature and denies the very freedom that it professes to cherish. It is born of a false superiority. The spreading of any kind of religious doctrine is not kind, good, or necessary. It is a form of hysterical, egotistical control that is needed like a drug is needed to it's users. It is also born of a false superiority.

Perhaps you wash your hands so as not to spread disease. Maybe you can try to disinfect your mind of propaganda so as not to spread America's Orwellian nightmare. Flush out your ears so you can listen and give of yourself in a humanitarian manner. Try giving respect instead of dogma. Respect the cultures and beliefs of others. Learn to live with nature - not against it. Take part in life. Spitituality is not born of false superiority and the need for control.

Others believe their beliefs as much as you believe yours....one is not better than the other....only different. Otherwise, you can always kill them, or they you, which is what happens when societies and religions fail.

Ain't it funny that both the Vietnam War and Iraq War II were started with lies and hyped into justification by webbing more lies into a state of quagmire. And they say black widows are deadly.......

Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in political and economic sphere.
-Benito Mussolini-

The story of George Washington cutting down the Cherry tree is complete fiction written by clergyman, Mason Locke Weems, in 1800, and published in his book entitled, The Life of George Washington.

That's all of my Tiny Bubbles for now............Good Night
.................Kitchen Window Woman


Blogger jennifer said...

Hey lady! Or do you prefer Madame Kitchen Lady? :)

My son came home today and told me that his fourth grade teacher is "teaching" them that there "is no war in Iraq" "The U.S. is in Iraq only to straighten things out between and for the Iraqi people." I was like, are you serious? She said that? No war huh? Wow. So we talked for a bit and just trying to explain all of this to him made me realize just how complicated it really is. How do you explain imperialism and fascism to a ten year old? AND WHAT POSSIBLE RIGHT DOES AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER HAVE TEACHING CHILDREN THAT WAR IS REALLY JUST FRIENDLY INTERVENTION?

I still can't believe it. If I had gone there and told those kids that the U.S. foreign policy is positively murderous for countless countries (and the links you make between Iraq and Vietnam are quite accurate, as you are aware) they'd say I was trying to indoctrinate the kids. It just hit me (even though I already knew) that the public school system's k-12 education really IS about indoctrinating children on so many levels, but the biggest of which is NOT to think critically about your life or the world around you.

Good to hear from you today. peace!

5:29 PM  

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