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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tiny Bubbles - Introduction

One day while I was washing dishes, I found myself watching, with great pleasure, the sunlight dancing on the bubbly, soap suds in the sink. The tiny uke player in my brain, wanting to join the fun, chimed in with the tune, "Tiny Bubbles." Soon, I was humming along. I was finally rinsing the sink, dishes clean and bubbles gone, when it occurred to me that "Tiny Bubbles" would be a useful addition to my blog.

No, I am not going to dump a bottle of Suds-O into my computer nor am I going to "clean up my act" by being less outspoken. If anything, I plan to be more so. I have just been warming up. I am going to use "Tiny Bubbles" as a title or term for reflective blips, encapsulated tidbits (we all know that size doesn't matter), questions and thought-provoking quotes.

I am a slow and thoughtful writer so perhaps I am a little different than the fast-talking, fast-typing, mainstream bloggers. "Tiny Bubbles" will provide me a tiny soapbox when I do not have the time or inclination to write a longer piece. I am also a female, in answer to the "where are the female bloggers", question. Not only am I a female blogger, I am a female blogger who is in her 50's. That makes me middle-aged. I didn't know how to type until seven or eight years ago, let alone use a computer. Even turning one on was beyond me. You can't teach an old bitch new tricks? You can't stop her if she wants to learn!

I think that being out of the mainstream is to my advantage because I have a different perspective on life. I am old enough to have had many experiences and fortunate enough to have used my mind to learn form them.

So, hum along with me, "Tiny Bubbles...dancing in the sink...watch them closely ....now it's time to think............

....................Kitchen Window Woman


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