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Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Has Sprung Now Let's Spring Terri

It is the long awaited first day of spring and I am lucky enough to have the sun shinning in my kitchen window. The hills across the street are covered in bright, velvet green, dotted here and there with yellow mustard flowers and the tall white yucca blooms. My pagan heart is beating a welcome as Mother Earth stirs from her winter slumber. I thought of doing a "dance of joy" or singing a "spring is here" song but have chosen to mark the vernal equinox by simmering a soup broth on my stove. I must be getting older!

The vernal equinox is a day of balance, in that, when the sun crosses the equator, day and night are of equal length all over the earth. Imagine Mother Earth's contentment to have two of her children in balance. Life is all about balance and living in harmony with nature.

Today, however, the politics of Bush and company have threatened, once again, the balance and harmony that is needed to maintain life's eternal cycle. Fortunately, for most living creatures, the destructive musterings of these tiny, power-hungry men are not strong enough to fool or to fight Mother Nature. The natural cycle of life and death, will continue, despite the efforts of this sanctinomious army of Ozymandias wanna-bes.

Left on her own, Terri Schiavo, would have died naturally a long time ago. She did not want to live a false life as a shell of a human, attached to a machine. Those who worship a false god, fashioned after an image of themselves, have condemmed Mrs. Schiavo, and those who love her, to unnatural suffering.

Congress and the President have ignored the wishes of Terri Schiavo as given to her most imtimate companion, her husband. These ignorant men have willfully forced their beliefs on this poor woman, and have, in essence, raped both Terri and the Constitution. The contemptable action taken by Congress and the President is further evidence that American Democracy is rapidly moving toward a fundamentalist theocracy very much like the one in Iran.

Let's exercise our rights and chastise Congress by employing Peggy Noonen's most famous line, as written for Nancy Reagan, "Just Say No". "Just Say No" to Congress. "Just Say No" to the President (and to his brother)... Just Say No .......... No More ......... Not Ever Again ...........You are finished .... NO MORE!

I can see the lovely green hills bathed in sunlight. Terri can't. Her eyes might fix on the hills, but her brain does not process the information. Terri's brain does not process any information, including how to eat, drink, and swallow....she is gone and has been. Let her go in peace.
....................................Kitchen Window Woman


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