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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's a Gift to Be Simple...Easter Sunday

I had intended to write a blog on Easter Sunday but got caught up enjoying the company of my family and the sunshine that has been so rare in California these last several months.

My husband (the Catfish) prepared a glazed ham and I steamed some artichokes, which I served with lemon-garlic sauce for dipping. A delicious, but simple meal along with some biscuits.

We watched a great film on DVD about the occupation of Tibet, entitled, Tibet:Cry of the Snow Lion. I recommend it highly. If you rent it, be sure to watch the extras as they are also excellent.

Since this Easter Bunny is in semi-retirement after thirty years, one communal Easter basket with jelly beans and chocolate eggs was shared by all. The bunny did, however, include in the basket a CD for each family member.

We spent a very relaxing evening talking and listening to Jimi Hendrix, Thelonious Monk, John Hammond and Omara Portuondo.

The ham, artichokes, jelly beans, and chocolates are all a part of a traditional Easter at our house. And so is getting our pet rabbit out to share the day with us. Heck...Mother's Day, Father's Day, Rabbit's Day!

It was while I was cuddling with Bunny Bun Buns, that I knew my next blog would be about Easter Eggs.

I hope that you and your loved ones were able to enjoy the holiday and each other's company as much as we did.

Read about the Easter Eggs in my next post.
............Kitchen Window Woman


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