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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Dirty Dozen.....Rotten Egg #1

Welcome to the rotten egg hunt! As a parent and Easter Bunny stand-in haven't you suffered the loss of a colored egg? Your kids found eleven, but the twelfth was not discovered for days, weeks, or months? In our house there is one that has never been found and it's been years! And,if you were lucky enough to locate that last egg, it was only because your nose led the way.

So.....follow the stench, the reek, and your basic instincts to expose these hard-boiled, hidden, rotten eggs. It's the aftermath egg hunt! Pay attention...some of these festering suckers won't bloat and blow until the future is almost past.

Rotten egg #1..........

This stinking, long-forgotton egg from 1988 was exposed by two real reporters from the LA Times. Buried in Texas hospital records and court files was evidence that crusader Tom DeLay and his family made the same decision Terri Shiavo's husband did when Tom's father, Charles DeLay, suffered severe irreversible brain damage. Honoring Charles DeLay's "understood desire" not to be kept alive artificially, his family allowed him to die without further medical intervention.

The stench is not from the DeLay family's loss, but from the recent hypocritical, self-serving attacks on Michael Shiavo by Congressman Tom DeLay. This egg is colored as brown to match the bulls**t rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of Tom DeLay and his cronies about the Shiavos. This egg reeked even more when DeLay's staff claimed that the DeLay family decision was "different".

Yep, that's because the DeLays are special and we're not!

If we apply Tom DeLay's own words to his father's death, seventeen years ago, Congressman DeLay and his family, "committed an act of medical terrorism".

More rotten eggs to find in future posts
............Kitchen Window Woman


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