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Monday, February 07, 2005

The War on Grease

I ended January with a weekend respite from dish scrubbing and utensil maintenance. February finds me returned to my daily post at the sink. My task of processing the plates, pots, and pans, from the dishpan to the drainer, puts me in constant contact with grease. I HATE GREASE! I have hated grease since I was nine years old and the scrubbing of the pots, pans, and broiler were added to my after dinner duties. I HATE GREASE! I loath the feel of it, the sight of it, the smell of it and the taste of it. I detest grease when it is thick and opaque and when it is a thin, smeary film. I abhor how water beads up on grease coated dishes. I hate how unpleasant it is to clean anything that is greased covered. It is with malice that I attack the burned, blackened remains in empty cooking vessels. I lament the time I have wasted battling the ever present grease in the kitchen. Even greasy hair repells me. I JUST HATE GREASE!

Grease isn't good for one's health, either. It clogs the arteries just like it clogs drains and pipes. A diet sans fatty, greasy foods, eliminates the first type of blockage. A mixture of scalding, hot water, and a liberal squirt of Super Suds-O, prevents the second. There is, however, another form of grease entirely. It is the type that obstructs thought. Such grease is rendered from lies. Even worse, such oily matter, is now a direct threat to our country. We are a nation in danger of domestic grease. Odious and vile, the mutant mandate oozing from the White House, is coating the red states and clogging the minds of many of our fine citizens. There is only one cleanser that is strong enough to cut through political grease: the truth.

The political oil slick that is currently sliming it's way across the America can be traced to a core value held by the two Bush Presidents. George W. Bush has adhered faithfully throughout his life to the credo, "the end justifies the means." His father, George Bush, the elder, also cherishes that loaded phrase and has lived accordingly. The manipulation of facts or even direct lying bothers neither of the men. Perhaps, this five word credo, made it easy for George, the father, to turn his back on the Kurds and the Shiites, during the first Gulf War. The same credo then paved the way for George, the son, to start the second Gulf War by the pre-emptive bombing of Baghdad. The actions of both Georges were based on lies and indifference and still are. Grease is foul and disgusting.

The first term of George W. Bush will be remembered for the incredible series of lies that started an unnecessary war. His second term has followed suit. Thursday, of this last week found George and Team G.O.P on a two-day, five-state political tour to drum up support for his proposal to overhaul Social Security. Like a greased pig on a slip and slide, George slid through Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas and Florida unchallenged. He spoke only to groups of hand picked red state supporters who were considered "safe." In Fargo, North Dakota, those banned from attending Bush's Social Security slimefest included citizens who written letters to the local paper that were critical of "His Highness." Bush's second term "War on Terror" has morphed into the "War on Social Security." His attack on Iraq which was hyped by a claim of imminent danger is echoed in hyped dire warnings of crisis and bankruptcy if Social Security is not pirvatized immediately. Yep, it's broke and busted flat, so let's turn it over to the high stakes gamblers on Wall Street! I think not. I smell the rancid stench of old grease and I REALLY HATE GREASE!

Remember when there was a Mr. Natural? Now we have a Mr. Regular. Master grease monkey, Karl Rove, has been working for a long time on George W. Bush's extreme makeover. He has, over the last decade, been transformed from a not-so-bright, very privileged young man who spent most of his time lubricated, into a "folksy - I'm just one of y'all," hard-working, regular guy. A recent White House leak corroborated W's humble background. It seems that he was born with a greasy spoon in his mouth. Karl Rove's lube job put George W. Bush in the White House twice. Now, Mr. Regular and the Master grease monkey, are hard at work again. Social Security, a successful and necessary program, is being prepared for the slaughter. George is using his greasy spoon to stir up a lynch mob while slim-covered, distortions slip from his lips. Geez, I HATE GREASE!

Well, I am here to tell you boys, that this is WAR! The working people of this country know better than to trust their hard-earned money to another Bush scheme. The Bushes use the "bail out" system of doing business. They loose the money and their corporate cronies bail them out. We working people have no one to bail us out. So listen up boys! Keep your greasy, grimey, money-grubbing hands out of our pockets and off our Social Security! We have already given you a surplus, paid for an enormous tax-break, and are footing the bill for two wars! No More! We are armed with the truth. The War on Grease has begun.

I HATE GREASE! I just can't stand the stuff.....

........Kitchen Window Woman............


Blogger Islander said...

I am sitting here with a big smile on my face after reading your great, greasy third entry to this blog. I look forward to reading your new offerings and check the site everyday! I know!... Let's drown Bush and his buddies in Dawn liguid detergent, a great grease cutter!!! And it's BLUE!!!

7:00 PM  

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