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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valenetine's Day to all the lovers of the world regardless of age, race, religion, or gender. Open your hearts and send some love pumping to those who are forgotton and alone. Include please, the hungry, the mentally ill, the unemployed, the homeless, the tsunami survivors, and the victims of pre-emptive wars.

Don't forget the elderly who have done their part and languish in care facilities that barely meet any kind of human standard. Don't forget the seniors who have lost their homes and properties due to changes in the tax laws. And remember, those aged who cannot afford to heat their homes, or to purchase medications priced beyond their reach. To our oldest generation - heartfelt hugs of appreciation. You deserve our respect and care.

Hugs and snuggles to the children. Cherish their smiles, natural curiosity, and innocence. Racisim, religious superiority, national arrogance, and hate are very, carefully taught. Above all, don't forget to play! Take a break to laugh a little then pass it on.

Let's hope that Cupid's arrows target the backsides of the compassionless Republicans who's proposed budget rings true of a heartless, ruling class, American elite. May the saintly point force their kind to end the practice of greedy, shallow indifference.

Smile at someone who appears to be stressed. Hold the door open for somebody else. Relax and drive safely. You don't win anything by getting to the stop sign three seconds earlier. Don't tailgate to intimidate. Chances are you are already in trouble if you forgot the flowers. So stop and buy the flowers. Someone will feel that you care.

Give respect, give consideration, and be polite. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity even if they look different, speak another language, come from another culture or hold true a different system of beliefs. Maybe we'll end up with world peace.

Love takes active participation. Love is work. Love is an exchange. Love needs nourishment and room to grow. Love thrives on appreciation. Love is never caged, demanded, or forced. Love is the opposite of destruction and war no matter what the justification. Love is connected. In reality, love is not sugary, or smothering. It is practical, necessary and open. Love is beautiful simplicity. Love is a constant progression. Love is round. It's energy circles in spirit and expresses in joy and sorrow. Love is radiant. Love is living....Love is being........Love.............

From my heart to yours this Valentine's day

............Kitchen Window Woman


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